About Adam Dicker, Domain Expert

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About Adam Dicker

Adam is a lifelong entrepreneur and domain expert who at age 18 received a $100,000 job offer while he was just beginning university. He got online in 1985, right after he got his first Macintosh computer and in 1989, he ran a large computer store in Toronto. He did this until 1994 when he started his own Internet Service provider. After that Adam was hooked on the Internet.

About Adam Dicker domain history

He registered his first domain name in 1996 and Adam is one of a small group of individuals to sell a domain name for seven figures. In 2003 Adam purchased DNForum.com, which is now the most popular domain name forum on the Internet. Adam is considered a domain expert by many in the domain industry.

About Adam Dicker DNForum.com

DNForum.com currently boasts over 500,000 members with more than 2 million posts. It welcomes both beginners and domain industry experts alike. Perhaps one of the big reasons the forum is so successful is that the moderators and Adam self take an active part in the discussions.

DNForum was awarded the 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 ‘Name Intelligence Award’, as the best online community to buy, sell, and discuss domain names. DNForum.com was named the best online forum by ‘Domain Name Wire’ four out of the last five years.


About Adam Dicker and his plans for 2015

This year Adam builds on the foundations that where laid late 2014 and wants Webcorp to become a dominant factor in the online industry.

In 2014, Adam became Domainer of the year as well as Developer of the year at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Still thinking about the future of domaining and combining that with development and long term revenue Adam opened DNF during that same time Adam founded a new venture, Webcorp defining the future of domaining. Webcorp builds businesses on good domain names.

In 2012 and 2013, Was building out on DNF College while also creating the USACordbank.com and ReputationRepair.com as businesses. In these years it dawned upon Adam that creating business could be the way to go as far as the future of domaining was concerned. He also noticed that building and maintaining these businesses took up far more time than he had available.

In 2011, Adam created DNF College as a place for those new to the domain industry to have a place to learn in a very focused and deliberate way.  No longer do people have to search threads and posts for information that is spread out all over the Internet. DNF College is akin to getting a degree in domain investing.

In 2009, He started DCG.com an award-winning agency specializing in Internet Marketing and Web Development.  We bring a wealth of experience in web development and marketing strategy to every client, whether a large corporate website project or a small business.  From concept to completion, our marketing, development, and creative teams have the knowledge and experience to handle the creative needs of your company.  NicheWebsites.com is a spin off of DCG focusing on websites designed for specific categories that can be developed quickly.

In 2007, Adam joined Go Daddy as VP of their Domain Aftermarket and while there he was involved in many areas including all areas of the domain enterprise, executive accounts, management of large teams and the facilitation of support About Adam Dicker  About Adam About Adam adam with dogsissues.

Adam has been a frequent speaker at T.R.A.F.F.I.C., the leading industry conference in the domain industry.  He has been nominated for several Traffic Awards over the years and was elected to the “Domainer Hall of Fame” in 2011. In 2007, Logistik Labs named him one of the 20 most influential people in the domain industry.

About Adam Dicker and his Family

When Adam Dicker is not working he is spending time with the people who matter most in the world to him, his wife Wendy and their four incredible children; Jordan, Corey Julie and Amanda. And of course their two dogs Buddy on the right and Lexie on the left.