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  • Adam Dicker Domain Expert

Adam Dicker interviewed on OutlierMagazine

Interview OutlierMagazine

Adam Dicker Domain Expert

Adam Dicker Domain Expert

Adam Dicker

Adam Dicker was interviewed as  domain expert on Outlier Magazine which aired July 30th. Adam Talks about his history, how he started online, how he discovered to make money online and the gradual road towards becoming a Domain Expert.


Adam talks about his experience being a domain expert. That is just one aspect of Adam’s ventures. Of course he buys and sells domain names but he also develops businesses on those names and he likes to help other entrepreneurs to build out on names.

To late?

A very good question that got asked was if it’s to late to start in domaining? It most certainly is not. It is still very much possible to start and make a very good living while doing it.

Mistakes Adam Dicker sees

One of the biggest mistakes that Adam sees with people entering the domaining business is that the are not well prepared. They go out and buy a whole lot of names which later turn out to be garbage. As Adam states, you should only buy a domain name when you can see a business being build on it. There is an instrument to see if you are on the right track. First there are the domainsherpa’s where Adam has a regular seat at the table. In this weekly show a domainer gets a selection of his domain names reviewed. Another option is to use Adam Dicker as a portfolio reviewer. Adam loves doing these reviews and takes lots of time to go over a portfolio, often able to steer a domainer into the right direction.

Adam Dicker, Domain Expert

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