Outsourcing End User Domain Sales Leads with Fancy Hands

Outsourcing time consuming tasks related to Domaining is something that I’ve thought about over the years, but never really had the opportunity or budget to hire for.

Then along came Fancy Hands, an innovative new company offering US-based …

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Another Free High Profile Backlink: Instagram Launches Web Profiles

Does social media activity contribute to SEO performance? Some say it doesn’t. I’m standing by my theory that social activity is indirectly beneficial for any business. I recommend having a presence on as many relevant social websites as possible.…

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Domaining Radar: A Domain Name Registrar for Geeks

New domain name industry businesses and services are cropping up at an increasing pace. The industry is growing steadily alongside high demand for web services and anticipation of an explosion of new TLDs in 2013. My Domaining Radar is …

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Free Escrow Service for Domain Name Sales Under $500

A revolution in buyer and seller protection for an industry that is no stranger to scams and theft is underway.

Francois Carrillo, founder of the popular domain news aggregator Domaining.com, is now offering free escrow services for domain sale …

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Programmer Helps Narrow List of Decent Five and Six Letter Available Domains

Web developer and programmer Corey Ballou has developed a new and simple, yet refined application for discovering short domain names.

Whether you are looking to build up your domain portfolio or find a brand name for your startup business, …

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Google Launches Consumer Surveys, Offers New Revenue Stream for Publishers

Google has just launched an innovative new service that aims to monetize web content by providing crowdsourced consumer surveys for businesses.

Google Consumer Surveys will connect brands wishing to collect consumer information to publishers wanting to monetize premium content. …

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GoDaddy Begins Marketing Premium Listings to VIP Accounts

Late yesterday, I received an email from my GoDaddy Account Manager informing me of a very interesting new service. VIP accounts are being offered exclusive access to a master list of Premium Listing domains and will soon be able …

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Domain Flipping: Advanced Tips and Techniques

When you think of domain flipping what kind of time-span do you associate with it? Are you flipping domains like Bruce Lee or doing a slow somersault in quick-sand? Many aspiring domain flippers buy up domains of interest and …

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Investing In Quality Brandable Domain Names

I’m usually touting the benefits of keyword domain names in many articles. In this post I’d like to analyze another common domain name type, brandables. A brandable domain is often thought of as a short, made-up word such as …

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How Steve Jobs Got The AppStore.com Domain and Trademark For Free

I’m sure you’ve all heard about Steve Jobs resigning as CEO of Apple. Today, I read a post that stood out among the sea of farewells and Apple nostalgia. I really didn’t think I would be writing a post …

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10 More Time-Saving Domain and SEO Bookmarklets

Last year, my original list of 12 domain name and SEO bookmarklets turned out to be quite a popular resource. Having instant access to data and analytics for any domain you’re browsing is such a convenience.

I’m pleased to be …

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Handpicked Expired Domains List, Quality .Coms Available to Register

This is the fourth in a series of updates featuring handpicked expired domain name lists. These lists were originally shared exclusively with DotSauce Domain Club members.

First, a quick heads-up to Domain Club members, a new available domain list …

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Hot August, Cool Deal: Professional Website Development Only $300

Continuing my series of web development special offers here on DotSauce, I am extending great discounted rates on professional WordPress web development and optimization through the month of August.

For almost any type of website you’re looking for, I …

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Asking Price vs. Make Offer

This is a decision that domain investors are making continually. By parking a domain or not listing the name for sale on major marketplaces, we are inviting interested parties to make an offer. Many of you are familiar with these …

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