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dnf collegeAdam Dicker  started DNF College season 4 July 23th 2015. The first session was a 30 minute Q&A session which answered 25 questions Domainers on the DNFCollege group in Facebook asked. The list of questions can be found below the video page.




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DNF College

Dnf college Session 1 July 23th 2015.

Q&A session with Adam Dicker and Rick Wedzinga. 25 questions gathered from domainers who are all members of the facebook group DNF College. If you reached this page without being a member of that group we encourage you to apply and become a member there. The particular group page holds a ton of valuable information Adam Dicker shared last year in DNF college season 3.

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1 Jack Sinclair I guess the main question is…Once we get an estimate of work to do, then what? We pay for someone to do it(do you handle that or refer to trusted resources?) And then once the site is up- what are next step? Linking? Paid Traffic?! How to get the right eyeball on the pages
2 Choo Jen-Sin Aged domains have SEO Benefits. Does it make a difference in SEO whether a domain is deleted and picked up, which restarts the registration date? Thus is there value to promote the earlier year a deleted expired domain is first registered (look up through DomainTools Whois History Tool)?
3 Anunt Patel i hear that u are starting a new lead generation service where u actually make the calls and hook us up with a partner…i already have a lead generation website BuckheadApartments.Com how much will u charge me to hook me up with a partner?
4 Ashleigh Pollard what investments would you make for the current market conditions , are number domains for the Chinese market still worth bothering with market conditions as they are
5 Edvin Paus 4th year? Didn’t you start it at the end of 2014?
6 Oren Arbit Would love to cover where you feel the best marketplaces are to sell certain types of domains for the highest returns, and on the flipside, where buying tends to be cheaper. For example, four letter .coms on Godaddy tend to sell for higher than on Sedo. 3 letter .coms tend to do very well on Namejet. .IO domains on Flippa, brandables on brandbucket… and so on
7 David Christian I’m sure lots of us are wondering what happened to DNF College season 3?
8 John Giesecke My biggest problem is from what angle I should approach businesses in order to sell them my domain names. What should I include in the initial email and what shouldn’t I say? I have a very low reply rate and those replies are usually: “Thanks for the offer. But no thanks.” And I would also like to learn something about domain pricing and negotiations. Oh, and also about domain leasing, and maybe doing lead gen for businesses as a development idea
9 Ashleigh Pollard what advice would you give a fashion blogger/vlogger , to either starting to build a site out on a lesser name or go straight for the one word relevant to the industry, is there any more recent more tools that you have discovered lately that maybe useful like estibot etc , oh and as negotiations have been mentioned would you be able to show a completed negotiation from start to finish for both buying and selling a domain as an example please ?
10 Randy Hoelscher Sure, I’ve got a question. What should we do with domains (like for lead generation) that are just sitting around. Park them, pay per call, one-page lander with adsense, other ideas?
11 Anonymous What is the status of the big project you started out here in DNF College last year?
12 Anonymous Any plans on public speaking in the near future? Can we meet you somewhere face to face? I saw you were asked to speak in Macau?. Have you ever been there? Do they know you as well as people in the west know you? Any other events?
13 Edvin Paus Can we do another round on DNF College Dodwhere we can Submit our domains for review?
14 Christof Dennis i want to do some investment on these new extensions .top and .club but don’t know what their future turn out. Please. What’s ur advice on this? Thanks!
15 Jason Laird Whats the best way to generate SEO on landing pages and websites for domains
16 Aaron Max Fein have ‘category killer’/premium domains in emerging markets, looking for a ‘seat at the table’ (or at least ‘a stake in the game’) – any particular insights or tips on finding and approaching promising businesses/startups with this kind of goal?
17 Paul D Cooper is there a business arrangement/setup that allows for a silent partner approach. I like the theory/strategy of domaining but i am not good at negotiation or dealing with end users.
18 Chris Wright I want to find out if the phone is more effective for sales than emailing. If so, does Adam use a sales script, or more than one? Or, does he use a different approach (off the cuff) for each domain?
19 Omar Hassim I would like to ask recently a business owner bought domain for $xxxxx,xx (protecting business – forwards to current business) – On LinkedIn the client has a Gmail address – Do I mail via Gmail or send an In Mail – Reason for asking, Gmail not professional and have a similar domain to offer – thanks
20 Aaron Dita Are there any good ‘probing’ questions to find out how much a potential buyer can spend on a name if there is no info that can be found on them without being too obvious you’re feeling out how much they want it during negotiations? And when negotiating a sale is it better to do 1 sentence responses or to give more detailed explanations on what makes the name valuable with a counter-offer? Would Adam be generous enough to actually give us a few examples of the type of exchanges he had with endusers during outbound marketing that ended in a sale *Verbatim* so we can better analyze actual negotiations and not hypotheticals?
21 Pat Walker Are the Appraisal services like — Estibot & Valuate — a useful tool to Gauge pricing your Domains target price for a — #1 – A Quick Sale Price — #2 A Fair Market average Sale price — #3 Or Patiently setting a fair End user price…? Any formulas or average numbers or calculations to balance out in Any Way possible Useful Price Number’s for any One or all of Number’s — 1 – 2 or 3 …? Thanks Very Much and a simple quick answer is Fine…
22 Ivana Tijosavljevic  I want to know the best free tools to find good profitable domain.
23 Dimitar Tashev what are the last 10 domains Adam bought and sold?
24 Noor Manji can we submit our last 3 acquisitions and Adam can comment if we are on the right track or not
25 Monica Anderson Now I’ve another question: while I understand that the keywords that top the Planner list are the most searched-for terms, at some stage they (probably ages ago) they might not have been searched for at all – is this correct?

These where the 25 questions from Domainers for Domainers on domaining