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Domain Backordering Can Be A Costly Mistake!

Correction: My issue happened with, Dorkside’s issue happened with Thread Discussed in this Video.


Good afternoon, today’s video is a short and probably, sweet, but it could save you a lot of heartache and aggravation down the road.

There was a thread yesterday on comment from a user named Dorkside and his issue was that he had forgotten to remove some back orders at and it may have been about six months or a year ago, or whatever it was.  Then when it came around recently, the names were available so went ahead and grabbed the names because they’re available and charged them $69 a name ammounting to about $4,000 for the registrations of these names.

Now, it’s nothing against but I had the same thing happen to me once with, where I did a couple of things and they were both my fault.  So again, it’s nothing against Pool,  I put in a whole bunch of traffic names one day that I was going after and they didn’t make a lot of sense.  They weren’t generics or anything and I forgot about them and I didn’t update my back order list.  A year or two later, I got a bill from saying, congratulations, you got all these names. And it was a whopper of a bill.

Then the other mistake I made with domain back ordering was, one time I put in about, maybe 10 or 15 names for back ordering. And three or four of them are actually available for registration and I guess I didn’t check if they were available names and went ahead and registered them for me and charged me $60 per name for fresh registrations that should have cost me about $8 each, again my mistake.

Again, not blaming Pool. That was my fault.  Both of these instances are users’ fault, but they do cost a lot of money if you make that mistake. So to be very clear, I’m sure this isn’t the case of just with Pool, it’s just that’s what happened to come out in the dnforum thread yesterday, and it happened to me as well.

It was a few years ago that this happened to me, probably about six or seven. But I’ve since learned to make sure that I’m always checking and updating my back order list, and deleting them, so that it’s always exactly what I want. So, just for your own  sake, check back orders, anywhere that you back ordered them, and remove them regularly and make sure that you only have back ordered what you may want for that week or a couple weeks.
Or if you want to back order something like, all the two’s or two’s or something else, then OK. That’s OK to keep those in there. Or if you’re into a specific niche. But don’t keep a whole bunch of names in there because one day you make get a big bill. And hopefully this helps out a lot of people.

Again it’s nothing against or, it’s just where it happened to me and it also happened to this guy, DorkSide, from  It was user error on every occasion. So again, check your back orders. Make sure they’re accurate and you want your back orders to be there.

Otherwise, delete all of them and save yourself a lot of headaches. Because, who knows, you may wake up with a big bill, one day, for some names that you wanted at one time, but may not want now. But obviously, if they’re generics and you want the generics, leave the generics in there and that will be it.

So I hope you learned from this, as I did from making the first mistake, and this is one of the mistakes that I made that I’m trying to warn you so you don’t have the same issues.
Have a great day and we’ll see you tomorrow.


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