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  • Jeff Csomo Domain Coaching

Domain Coaching Call Adam Dicker and Jeff Csomo

Domaining Coaching Call

Jeff Csomo Domain Coaching

Jeff Csomo is on the call, only by voice because his camera was turned off..

Adam Dicker coaches a small group of domainers. These domainers from around the globe and we have had various very interesting conversations. Domain Coaching calls are usually private and although the sessions are recorded these videos are private and we leave it to the individual domainer to decide if he or she wants to show this video in public. Most of them don’t which we understand and respect. Jeff Csomo, a French domainer had a second domain coaching call and was perfectly ok with sharing the results from this call with the rest of you domainers out there.

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Domain Coaching Preparation

Jeff Csomo came prepared on the call. Below are the questions we talked about:

  1. Do you think the registrar has an influence on sales ? (It looks like I sold more domains that are registered on GoDaddy but I don’t like GoDaddy for several reasons, so I moved to
  2. What do you think of using Protrada ?
  3. Adam, you said you can act as a broker with DomainNameSales. Are you interested in brokering some names from my portfolio ? How does it work exactely ? Are you doing one by one outbound sales or submitting lists of domains to potential customers ?
  4. Which domain types, besides very short names, are globally best for brokerage sales ?
  5. Which domain types are best for outbound sales ? city+keyword ? others ?
  6. Which domain types and which target businesses do you recommend me to focus on ?
  7. Is it worth to try to make quick domain flips ? What is the best place/approach for this ? Buy at GoDaddy (or elsewhere for low) and put for auction at Namejet ? Snapnames ? Flippa ?
  8. Are there some domain-related american business models which could be interesting to transpose to the french market ? (open to suggestions or partnerships)
  9. What if I try to sell names ending with cafe, bar, club to places or company called by these names ? Can it be considered as a trademark abuse ?
  10. I have this name It’s a dictionary word but also a band in UK with 60k monthly search on Google. Could there be an IP risk here ? Which price to set accordingly ?
  11. I bought a list of domainer and end-user email addresses back in 2013 from a guy named Calvin Washington from Perfect Investements when he sold his business. He said that further to his agreement with his buyers I cannot use the list to broker other’s people domains but I can use it to sell my own domains. Nevertheless, I am not so sure of proper rights regarding this list. So, up to now I didn’t use it. I am wondering if I could once give a shot with it on my domain portfolio. What do you think ? Is it risky ? (spam issues) ? Should I clean the list before using it ? (i.e. with services like ?
  12. I put a few names in parking at NameDrive. Some results are encouraging but there appears to be a need for keyword optimization. Any advice on how to chose right keywords for parking and which tools to use for that ? (Google Keyword Planner ?) Is it better to use broad keywords or targeted keywords ? Any tips on lucrative verticals and keywords for parking ? By the way, which parking company do you recommend ?

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