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Domain Portfolio review Saro

Domain Portfolio Review Saro Berejikian

Domain Portfolio Review Saro

Domain Portfolio Review Saro Berejikian

The Domain Portfolio Review we did with Saro was a quite interesting one. I’m starting to see a trend in the people who are ordering these reviews. We advice people to order these reviews to get a sanity check on the strategies and lines of thinking when purchasing names. Almost all of the people ordering a review turn out to have a pretty good idea of their what and why they are purchasing names.

This time the review was a mainly Canadian party. Saro Berejikian, who lives in Montreal Canada, was on the call with a selection of 120 of his domain names. What happened in this call was interesting because Adam also got personally interested in domain names that were on the list Saro provided. The list Saro provided made it an interesting call. The call also lasted longer than usual.


This evaluation became quite personal. Saro gave us a good insight into the reasoning behind purchasing his domain names and also insight in the prices which he purchased them for. Despite the personal nature of the call Saro agreed to share this information with you so everybody can benefit from this evaluation.

Some of the names

The list Saro provided contained a selection of 120 domain names of a bigger portfolio he owns. A couple of the names that stood out were


The message that is thought every time is answering the question wether you could build a business on a name or not. If you can’t think of a business for a domain name then it will also be hard to find a potential buyer for that domain name. In this video you can clearly see that Saro has thought about the names he bought.

Adam Interested

The list got Adam interested on a personal level. Meaning that he showed personal interest in purchasing one of the names that Saro owns. Which make it a even more interesting review.

So sit back and enjoy the Domain Portfolio Review with Saro

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