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Adams the Domain Conference Talks

Adams the domain conference talks

During the Domain Conference held in Fort Lauderdale Florida Adam held several talks/workshops for groups of interested domainers. These domainers varied from self proclaimed “newbies” to seasoned veterans in the domain space. We were able to record these conversations and will be uploading them to this post.

Sunday 27th September 2015

The very first talk on Sunday was Adam opening right after Jothan Frakes opened the conference at 10 am. The workshop was totally geared to the new domainers attending the conference. Interesting to see that also veterans like George Verdugo and a cool guy like Brian Harris attended the talk. In 26 minutes Adam guides the attendees through the up and coming event.

[svpVideo v=1]

The second video is a 45 minute discussion with a small group of domainers. Enjoy this intimate talk that was held on Sunday.

[svpVideo v=2]

The third video is a interview by Michael Cyger and Adam Dicker. Unfortunately there was a second speaker, Fred Mercaldo, which I didn’t tape. Fred owns and operates and he also had a very interesting 30 minutes.. I guess you had to be there to enjoy it.

[svpVideo v=3]

And finally the fourth video which was a panel discussion about development. Also a more than interesting topic to follow.  Speakers on this panel were from left to right:

Chad Folkening, Solomon Amoako,Adam Dicker,Michael Gilmour and the panel was moderated by Braden Pollock.

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Domain Portfolio review Saro Sun, 06 Sep 2015 12:24:28 +0000 Domain Portfolio Review Saro Berejikian
Domain Portfolio Review Saro

Domain Portfolio Review Saro Berejikian

The Domain Portfolio Review we did with Saro was a quite interesting one. I’m starting to see a trend in the people who are ordering these reviews. We advice people to order these reviews to get a sanity check on the strategies and lines of thinking when purchasing names. Almost all of the people ordering a review turn out to have a pretty good idea of their what and why they are purchasing names.

This time the review was a mainly Canadian party. Saro Berejikian, who lives in Montreal Canada, was on the call with a selection of 120 of his domain names. What happened in this call was interesting because Adam also got personally interested in domain names that were on the list Saro provided. The list Saro provided made it an interesting call. The call also lasted longer than usual.


This evaluation became quite personal. Saro gave us a good insight into the reasoning behind purchasing his domain names and also insight in the prices which he purchased them for. Despite the personal nature of the call Saro agreed to share this information with you so everybody can benefit from this evaluation.

Some of the names

The list Saro provided contained a selection of 120 domain names of a bigger portfolio he owns. A couple of the names that stood out were


The message that is thought every time is answering the question wether you could build a business on a name or not. If you can’t think of a business for a domain name then it will also be hard to find a potential buyer for that domain name. In this video you can clearly see that Saro has thought about the names he bought.

Adam Interested

The list got Adam interested on a personal level. Meaning that he showed personal interest in purchasing one of the names that Saro owns. Which make it a even more interesting review.

So sit back and enjoy the Domain Portfolio Review with Saro

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Adam Dicker Valencia 2015 Sat, 29 Aug 2015 21:08:32 +0000 Adam Dicker Valencia 2015

Earlier this year Adam went to Domaining Europe and besides the keynote on the first day he also did a workshop on the second day. We were able to record this on camera and until now it hasn’t been released to the public. So now you to can enjoy the 40 minute presentation that Adam gave for an international audience. Adam Dicker Valencia is 41 minutes of good content and the audience consisting of English and Spanish speaking domainers were actively involved in this workshop. Only downside was the fact that the record was made holding the phone the wrong way so the image is a bit narrow.. The sound quality is ok so you can follow along for 40 minutes of gold nuggets.

[svpVideo v=1]


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Launching Point featuring Adam Dicker Thu, 20 Aug 2015 10:08:24 +0000 Launching point interviews Adam Dicker

Below the show notes of the interview on the podcast “Launching Point”

Person before the “launching point”

The Launching Point

The Launching Point Featuring Adam Dicker

A hard-working, driven, computer focused almost geek. Always set goals for himself. In a good job, had a young child with another on the way. Was driving a company van and boss blamed him for a mistake the boss made and terminated him. He could do one of two things: crawl in a corner or do what he did, which was faxing out resumes for five days straight and ended up picking up another really good job. You have to go through the hard and low points before you can enjoy the launching point and go on to things bigger and better. Eventually started his own computer store and ran his own ISP service. Lucky enough to be the VP of GoDaddy for about four years.

Entrepreneur realization

Started with the computer store and then the ISP service. Realized he could make money while he sleeps with the ISP service. You can’t get rich working for someone else, all you do is make them rich. He was working on his businesses on the side. He would come home from work and then work until 2 or 3 in the morning on his side businesses. After a while they started making as much money as his full-time job which was a big turning point and that it had legs and he was heading in the right direction.

Obstacles preventing from launching

Adams launching point also new some obstacles. Family, wife, parents. They didn’t believe he should walk away from a six-figure job with benefits to go try something that may or may not work. Realized as an entrepreneur that you have to take chances or you’ll never get out of the cubicle. He went against everyone’s better wishes and decided to go for it. You learn who your real friends are. You put your blinders on and you aim for your goals and you make sure you don’t do anything to interrupt your goals. Has a bell on his desk and everyday since he started he’s had goals and when he hits the goals he rings the bell. Still rings the bell today. Treats every day as if yesterday never happened. Treat every day as he has to make enough to feed his family. You have to focus. It’s a 24-hour job when you’re running your own business, but the difference is that you actually love what you do.

First entrepreneurial venture and courage to launch

You get into something that’s new and you’re learning every day. He was able to learn all about it while he had his full-time job watching a server room. So, he could build it day by day. The most important thing you must have is common sense. Life is all about negotiation and sales even if you’re not selling directly or just talking to your spouse. Took less of a risk since he was doing two things at once and he was getting no sleep. He did it for about five years.

Negative thoughts

Mostly financial commitments because he had a family with four kids. His wife is a worrier so he had to manage her expectations. Had to make sure there was enough money to pay the bills. You can be rich with money, but you’re only wealth with time and now I have time. You learn from your mistakes, you don’t learn from your successes. If you’re going to take the leap, make sure you have three to six months worth of expenses saved up.

Impact of entrepreneurship on personal life

Wife was complaining that he was working so much and he wasn’t around for the family. Her dad sat her down and said, “Look, he’s not out drinking. He’s not out with other girls. He’s not out gambling. He’s out working to make a better life for you and your kids. So, back down and be quiet and let him do it while he can.” Never heard from his wife about working too hard again.

Launching point

When he started to learn the industry and make his first money. When the money he was making was stable and definitely more than he was making at his full-time job. It felt good. It’s twenty years later and he still doesn’t feel like he’s done 5% of what he’s going to do in the internet space. He’s been voted one of the top ten most influential people on the internet and he still has more to do.

Present day entrepreneurial venture(s)

Still involved in the same business. Does speaking and conferences. Runs the largest domain name forum on the planet where people can go learn about domain names called Started so he could help pay back all the information he had learned over the years to help people get themselves into a better situation. He teaches courses on how to buy and sell domain names for profit. Owns 38,000 domain names. Changed focus to helping others build businesses.

Changes as an entrepreneur and a person

He didn’t have any time before. So, now he has time to do what he loves and pay it forward. He has time to work with a lot of people and help people grow and change. He really likes helping people achieve their goals. He’s very approachable and level-headed. Loves going to conferences and meeting people and hearing their stories. Just a better person overall.

Going back to the beginning, what would do differently

Do it sooner. Grow up a little faster. He didn’t grow up until his wife told him he had to. Take the chances sooner. Have confidence in yourself, but don’t be cocky. Know what you’re doing, jump in, and make a better life for yourself.

Book recommendation that embodies journey

Body Language by Julius Fast

Teaches you how to read people in every situation. Teaches you how to make people more or less comfortable. People are more apt to buy something from you if they’re comfortable.

Three actionable steps:

  • Before you get to the launching point, you really need to read, read, read before you jump into any business. You really have to educate yourself.
  • Time management. Make sure you organize your day the same way every day.
  • Don’t over invest when you get started. Keep your budget down as low as possible.

Skype: adam.dicker

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Adam Dicker interview Conscious Millionaire interview 243 Fri, 07 Aug 2015 11:14:05 +0000 Adam Dicker Conscious Millionaire episode 243
JV Crum III interviews Adam Dicker

JV Crum III interviews Adam Dicker

I was on the Conscious Millionaire show, episode 243. Where I was interviewed by the host of the show JV Crum III. JV Crum hosts a podcast 5 days a week. The conscious millionaire is a very popular online show that gets host on various platforms.

Conscious Millionaire

JV Crum hosts this show five days a week all geared towards helping you growing your business towards bigger numbers. JV is a very active and entertaining host. JV has several books that are well worth reading and have been downloaded over 50,000 times on Amazon.


The conscious millionare website is a great website to check out an entrepreneur  with a very active and successful audience.  All in all I had a great time in this interview. For a daily dose of entrepreneur coaching I would suggest you subscribe to his podcast on Itunes here 


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Adam Dicker interviewed on OutlierMagazine Fri, 31 Jul 2015 10:30:39 +0000 Interview OutlierMagazine
Adam Dicker Domain Expert

Adam Dicker Domain Expert

Adam Dicker

Adam Dicker was interviewed as  domain expert on Outlier Magazine which aired July 30th. Adam Talks about his history, how he started online, how he discovered to make money online and the gradual road towards becoming a Domain Expert.


Adam talks about his experience being a domain expert. That is just one aspect of Adam’s ventures. Of course he buys and sells domain names but he also develops businesses on those names and he likes to help other entrepreneurs to build out on names.

To late?

A very good question that got asked was if it’s to late to start in domaining? It most certainly is not. It is still very much possible to start and make a very good living while doing it.

Mistakes Adam Dicker sees

One of the biggest mistakes that Adam sees with people entering the domaining business is that the are not well prepared. They go out and buy a whole lot of names which later turn out to be garbage. As Adam states, you should only buy a domain name when you can see a business being build on it. There is an instrument to see if you are on the right track. First there are the domainsherpa’s where Adam has a regular seat at the table. In this weekly show a domainer gets a selection of his domain names reviewed. Another option is to use Adam Dicker as a portfolio reviewer. Adam loves doing these reviews and takes lots of time to go over a portfolio, often able to steer a domainer into the right direction.

Adam Dicker, Domain Expert

Click here to listen to the episode

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Lead Generation Wed, 29 Jul 2015 20:25:16 +0000 Lead Generation

by Adam Dicker

Lead Generation. Generate leads for a business

How to generate Leads for a business

A recurring theme I encounter in the various conversations and portfolio reviews I do is that domainers tend you freeze when I start talking about Lead Generation. The whole concept seems appealing to people but they kind of freeze when they think about the work that is involved.

Lead Generation

However generating leads for a company can be avery lucrative business. Depending on the branche you are approaching payment for Leads can add up quickly.

Once you have developed your website and made your deals with your client it is kind of sit back and enjoy. If you have defined a niche for yourself and you have build a good Geo Lead Generation Site there is nothing holding you back from using that same principle in other Geo locations. Lets say you are in to the Plumbing arena you would develop a Lead Generation site for City A. Once you have that business up and running and your client is being delivered his leads you could copy that principle for City B, C , D and so on..

Lead Generation opportunities.

You do your research on the specific niche you aim to target. Some industries are more lucrative than others. A dentist is willing to pay more for a lead than a plumber because the Dentist gets a customer for the long run and the plumber just for one job. Everything that has an element of urgency or exclusivity works usually very well. Just think what you do when you have a serious pain in your body or a leakage in the house. Those people go out on Google and start searching for the first business that can solve their pain/problem. Those leads are what a local business needs. It is up to you to to get those searching clients to call your number and forward that to the business you do lead generation for. In the video below I go into the details about that process. Enjoy

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Domain Coaching Call Adam Dicker and Jeff Csomo Sat, 18 Jul 2015 10:58:41 +0000 Domaining Coaching Call
Jeff Csomo Domain Coaching

Jeff Csomo is on the call, only by voice because his camera was turned off..

Adam Dicker coaches a small group of domainers. These domainers from around the globe and we have had various very interesting conversations. Domain Coaching calls are usually private and although the sessions are recorded these videos are private and we leave it to the individual domainer to decide if he or she wants to show this video in public. Most of them don’t which we understand and respect. Jeff Csomo, a French domainer had a second domain coaching call and was perfectly ok with sharing the results from this call with the rest of you domainers out there.

If you are interested in domaining, domain coaching, or becoming a domainer check out the pages at



[videohub cid=1238 width=”976px” height=”431px”]

Domain Coaching Preparation

Jeff Csomo came prepared on the call. Below are the questions we talked about:

  1. Do you think the registrar has an influence on sales ? (It looks like I sold more domains that are registered on GoDaddy but I don’t like GoDaddy for several reasons, so I moved to
  2. What do you think of using Protrada ?
  3. Adam, you said you can act as a broker with DomainNameSales. Are you interested in brokering some names from my portfolio ? How does it work exactely ? Are you doing one by one outbound sales or submitting lists of domains to potential customers ?
  4. Which domain types, besides very short names, are globally best for brokerage sales ?
  5. Which domain types are best for outbound sales ? city+keyword ? others ?
  6. Which domain types and which target businesses do you recommend me to focus on ?
  7. Is it worth to try to make quick domain flips ? What is the best place/approach for this ? Buy at GoDaddy (or elsewhere for low) and put for auction at Namejet ? Snapnames ? Flippa ?
  8. Are there some domain-related american business models which could be interesting to transpose to the french market ? (open to suggestions or partnerships)
  9. What if I try to sell names ending with cafe, bar, club to places or company called by these names ? Can it be considered as a trademark abuse ?
  10. I have this name It’s a dictionary word but also a band in UK with 60k monthly search on Google. Could there be an IP risk here ? Which price to set accordingly ?
  11. I bought a list of domainer and end-user email addresses back in 2013 from a guy named Calvin Washington from Perfect Investements when he sold his business. He said that further to his agreement with his buyers I cannot use the list to broker other’s people domains but I can use it to sell my own domains. Nevertheless, I am not so sure of proper rights regarding this list. So, up to now I didn’t use it. I am wondering if I could once give a shot with it on my domain portfolio. What do you think ? Is it risky ? (spam issues) ? Should I clean the list before using it ? (i.e. with services like ?
  12. I put a few names in parking at NameDrive. Some results are encouraging but there appears to be a need for keyword optimization. Any advice on how to chose right keywords for parking and which tools to use for that ? (Google Keyword Planner ?) Is it better to use broad keywords or targeted keywords ? Any tips on lucrative verticals and keywords for parking ? By the way, which parking company do you recommend ?
Coaching Session Dimitar Tashev Wed, 08 Jul 2015 16:10:57 +0000 Domain Coaching Session Dimitar Tashev

Dimitar was one of the guys who took advantage of the offer  to have 4 coaching sessions for the price of two. Yesterday we had the pleasure to meet again and Dimitar had a well planned session with a couple of interesting questions. The following topics and or questions are addressed during the call:

  • Review of my sales newsletter?
  • Estibot value. Can i use it as a sales price, if not which tool?
  • Appraise value vs. Wholesale value. Which is closer to my sales price?
  • – Estibot value 72k ???
  • I sold but still my info is there . What can i do to have them change it
  • How can i register .ca domains – they want Canada address?
  • I have an adult domain with 300 direct visits each day – what would you recommend me to monetize that traffic?
  • How can i see whois info of privacy protected domain
  • How do you protect 6 and 7 figure value domains?

Enjoy the Domain Coaching video

[svpGlobalVideo v=3]


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Promising Portfolio Review Lisette Meijer Fri, 26 Jun 2015 11:37:18 +0000 Thursday the 25th I had the pleasure of doing a portfolio review with a newbie in the domaining business. Lisette, a domainer from the Netherlands, has been in domaining for only four months. Her portfolio of 40 names shows a good sense for business and I was impressed by her. What makes it impressive is that she decided to have a review early on in her domaining career to check if she is on the right track. Lots of other domainers find out the hard way that they aren’t and have wasted their money.

Lisette has been watching and learning by checking out my other video’s, domain sherpa’s and paying attention to the suggestions made there. She has a nice mix of ccTLDs en new TLDs which makes this  a perfect example on how you can accumulate a nice valuable portfolio with a modest investment. Three of the better names were, (bookaspeaker) and

Consider to sign up for my Mailing list

Wondering if a review is something for you to do. You can check the product out by clicking this here.. Please watch the video first

[svpVideo v=1]


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Domain Portfolio Review with Mark Sherwood Tue, 23 Jun 2015 12:28:36 +0000 Friday the 12th of June we had another portfolio review. This time it was Mark Sherwood and as it turns out in the video he has an really interesting portfolio with new TLD’s. A very well thought of portfolio.

I would like you to enjoy and learn from this portfolio.

[svpVideo v=1]

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Blog talk radio, the entrepeneur Podcast Fri, 05 Jun 2015 10:05:49 +0000 Another interesting interview last wednesday the 3th of june conducted by
Tony Gambone. I was on around minute 38.

Interview Thu, 04 Jun 2015 07:40:03 +0000 I got interviewed on today. Visit the website to listen to it or click on the play button below. My voice is in the distance because I had to phone in. Still an interesting call though.

Mike Stankovitch KWYK.COM Tue, 26 May 2015 11:18:16 +0000 Not every review needs to be about hundreds of domains. Sometimes the review of a single domain is all it takes to get things rolling. Mike purchased the domain evaluation and monetizing advice  That small investment helps Mike in deciding what to do with his domain and the potential value of it.. See the short video I made talking about KWYK.COM with Rick.

[hdplay id=6]


Portfolio review Kevin Fouhy Mon, 25 May 2015 20:05:28 +0000 I was on the call with Kevin Fouhy today and we discussed his portfolio. Kevin spent somewhere between 500 and 600 USD on buying these names. Go ahead and look how the conversation went.

[hdplay id=5]





Portfolio review Sinisa Bonaca Thu, 07 May 2015 10:40:21 +0000 Sinisa Bonaca

A domainer from Ireland, ordered his portfolio review and he got an online review. Sinisa owns a very diverse portfolio with really interesting domain names. The learning curve everybody goes to was reflected in the names he has. Overall Sinisa was very happy with the result of the evaluation.

Enjoy this video.
[svpVideo v=1]

I you like to have your portfolio evaluated visit portfolio review

Portfolio Review Toni Ojala Wed, 06 May 2015 11:21:52 +0000 Adam had a great portfolio review with Toni Ojala a domainer from Finland. Toni had some really good domain names in his portfolio review. The review showed that he has a good taste in hand registering domain names.

You to can have your portfolio reviewed by my. Just go to our page here: port folio reviews



Video: The Biggest Problem for The Domain Industry: Other Domainers Wed, 14 Aug 2013 22:45:22 +0000 Adam talks about the biggest problem for the Domain Industry. Look at the video, interesting


Adam Dicker: Season 2 Videos Begin! How to use for business Thu, 08 Aug 2013 19:45:06 +0000 [imaioVideo v=1]

How to use for business

okay but I think we’re ready to get started something open up the curtains
I wanna get caught please open up the curtains I started
I gotta alright well
a welcome to season two of the art name
dot com a it’s not homeland but
hope that still gonna be pretty good for those of you that have watched his
water to homeland I suggest you catch on quick home and it’s pretty darn good
and I do it quite a bit records about making you guys get cartons
alright x1 alright
so here we go Andrew I’m going to have starr &
I thanking everybody who nominate me for the track records
I appreciate its nice know your hard work
is are appreciated at a recognized by members and your peers
things like that you know how it goes anyway
and I’m not going to laugh track to race boats from a recruit votes but I will
take it
you should go ahead and Pope for barbara dare isosceles nominate one category
and she is an incredible woman credible person
and I feel lucky to know arm anyway
Andrew and I so I like to update my computer
I had to buy a yeah no one cuz I was getting the blue screen of death
Mike PC it I got 45 time such a good start for upgrade
sign on a computer a new at Moran
all that cool stuff and its when it was when I say
now it’s one of the park what christopher has a that took way to start
button but with what does it might wanna check out Patch’s get back past few
other things
are you really have to remember is set click to go to the desktop
waco everything seems to work for I’m
and I so I figured that put some maps can look over here
but I want put some fan letters because I did get some letters are a couple
announced it came out
a meeting also have traffic that somehow
like Rick said more details would be announced on
he entire howard got real straight now some
but anyway here’s a couple letters I thought are my mice
from a kind Paul he says you 100 working together is a great thing for the
and I create with correct traffic help make the new TLD is much better than I
ever would have been
trafficking well that’s true
i mean i i think that traffic helped catapult dot xxx
into stardom they had a t-shirts at the show and everything at this big
thanks for not expect action I think it was big for .co
I think that if any yeah New York the gTLDs
I want to make a big splash they should really they’ll traffic as I think it’s
gonna be good advertising and I’ll get them in the hectic speculators
which will be the ones by more than one or two domain names
and I and the letter here it says that would be an excellent addition to the
track team
for thank you very much appreciate that that’s from Norman
and then this one had some time to read some other not so nice letters to you
because I think it’s important to get those out in the open as well sorry
that’s what young
it’s in point form so it’s pretty amazing it says that hi Adam
I heard about the tracks I just might tell you I your forms thanks
I your pic spam recitals by spamming
I really don’t like you much your it work
to let you don’t let your and play more up legal threats get you banned me
I think you’re an asshole I’m I’ve never post a thread
too many last seven years by my trash on all the other far because I really don’t
like him
and I’ll at once from my mom %uh
thanks a lot mom cut out please stop saying anything else
and here’s another one says my wife no longer
wants to have sex me what can I do about this outside
that bill clinton I’m bill place a little before five times before police
and they stop tourists
I’m not top tourist I have not much were cut yourself
the and I get some other ones your interviews and the past their last year
track shows keep calm and
for those come for the information I’m
not the stars like %uh just see to learn about them and how to build my portfolio
counts you talk next october
but I was good thank you very much for that pop Robert
I appreciate that now so that’s the end of the
your mail back let’s go on to something else there in a joke that right around
for quite a while
about how men are always say out why
its why buy the cow when you get not for free
so lately there’s just something circulated by lot the women on
Facebook and its kinda funny and they deserve their
get courts s I’m women are fighting back against that why buy the cow and get
them up for free
up by saying why do they need to take the hope it when they just what you saw
and I thought that was kinda funny cheat I joint
anyway at CNN that I’m recently I had some good PR from
their Dixon from named a cop is quite a few videos
and he makes me as video he noticed that I haven’t checked Twitter
and here is sort of happy with that second he did or video to show its
I’m yeah I did start falling on her Twitter
I think you’re yes cool I love your hair do I think
i think is pretty good Mike hey threats that so let’s get back to
will get more serious stuff I’m so
I reckon how r traffic am I was
that’s real I am thrilled to be a faultless record Howard
barbara Lee a and any way possible for getting traffic there
great people and i enjoy you expect I’m on a personal level
I know they have great plants to build
even bigger traffic I look forward to it
at to being a ballpark its growth
but as rick said more details will follow help release some
I get have a couple issues after a few calls with record Howard
I’m not so sure to get your crest year and I start to dis
strange things my youngest daughter Amanda the other day probably some
artwork to look at that she made sure so proud which
it captured branches your dad the guy at work
and I look at my I just headed back to I said this is pitching
and she started crying I felt that some I will have to watch that swell
a and that’s really the other thing that that day
rate only at this that I can no longer be nice to people when they have
really shake rapid iranians because it’s a hard thing to tell someone they get
your domain name here: paint this for me or connect look at my quest staffing
your heart to hearts of worship but you can’t because you gonna crash there
and totally but nothing I said I’m
I really tell people a the Datamax except try to be nice
out for example we all know that that a shower
.us that tell that mami
pretty much stuck I mean you can actually more in there and I’m not tryna
gimme I haven’t seen that manner that guy the US to grasp on
.us call people a
that Asia has 500,000 sale so I guess is doing alright but I never buy one
and that talent that mall be well they speak for themselves
sure they don’t find they don’t need me but whatever Hampshire lucky
at my stuff like that so I’m happy I asked tell people yet this what’s going
on and
I don’t really like them are like some some don’t be surprised if I tell you
straight up
say sometimes headaches developing out they just think
I’m I and the last month I had a nice mister
I hate mark in Latin I was up here it’s my first physics relatives can
the train a very active he called me a few weeks before is coming up
ratio at lunch we did make we had good sushi lunch
I enjoy his company and he was the first guy I brought back to you
might wear and show them around house so it was pretty cool
and then he asked me to a picture I thought okay that sounds cool too
way don’t have a picture well he wanted to help educated
in fact this picture here says it’s a picture that everybody
season videos so we took a picture it was nice now we want to
for coffee where I go every morning at about 8:30
and I had coffee with my chat it was really nice I’m
it was a good time i join the conversation whether and
more and I decided that we’re going to put together a
and new ebook for the demand community
and both certain anywhere chipsets knowledge and expertise to make it one
of the best books route sucks
I’m looking forward to working with more that project and like I said actually
happened around
and I enjoyed having a lot a copy people watched a lot of people taking up had
people from the United States kasich I come up
so with different outcome of course I’d be thrilled
silicon and have coffee talk to them because I enjoy those meetings
as much as they do and sometimes I get a lot of as well cell
it’s good I would suggest you guys if you can make people here areas
for coffee at least just meet object that understands the same thing in a sec
top xxx troubles must enjoy so you have to maintain its good idea for him
now not talk about something else really switch more technical
domain not really to make but a few things a guy should know
just got it takes a lot for go on did
alright so these days
an hour 32 percent have CEO’s
are on at least one social network well
you had amassed know that mostar are not eventually that is good
change his companies are putting teams together three or four people to monitor
what people are saying about the companies they work for on social media
so I mean I think it’s a good idea f2 get on social media for not reading
and when things are tough but today is the benefits up
how to use LinkedIn properly because like 10
if you’re serious about business and hand you want to do business you want to
build your copy or get more exposure
talent and it’s the best place to do its best place to make
contacts I can actually help you with your
grow your business for yourself career and if you’re looking for a career its
best place
to be a post somebody get me some quick tips on
like 10 and what you should do: you can get a
custom URL I like you cannot Facebook with
when Tendulkar slash whatever you want but it’s available
I think I’m slash Adam Decker but I’m not sure
Agnes anyway so and let’s talk about
went in for a minute so groups that are summer to your competitors
a on and you day what really get you any benefit
out just be good for you to connect with them but you want to join group stage
I’m two years so that you can network participate in online discussions
health but again you know what these groups to be our only connection
because essentially does your competitors and be careful about
what group you do join /url like Facebook we end up in
premium domains a group annexing are you get
gf H said p.geol have dash
extended TLP I’ll
info are a teacher and ask this domain
valuable outselling its a premium domain name I want a hundred thousand dollars
for him
I hate those groups may I find it very annoying I don’t let my mail
my folders clogged up with choc like that but when you join this group that’s
what you get a lot of the times
so generally I don’t stick with the packwood position there’s
no business within pack I’m
it’s best to you lead the pack set up the party pack
and number two just because like that last HR shift group
doesn’t should he can actively participate in check a group okay
10 that interest you make at least half other business-related
and that the other half is things that you’re interested check dissident
I don’t know the Dallas Cowboys the Oklahoma Sooners
try to make police if you’re into football issue into basketball a G&T
poker would have reacted sure you want to learn about maternity or
whatever you want whether it’s a cord blood whether it’s something else church
centre just something in your area
you can join those groups and at least I’ll be entertaining but at least make
after related growing your business
things you’re actually interested in stuff that you actually go to look up on
the internet they’d like to take part in
I’m K number three always radar summary
in the first person not the third so
I write like you’re speaking directly to someone
and to your readers and it’ll be better receives
a always include all of your contact information
and most people say they wanna be contacted but they don’t include that
so make sure that you make ET for people to get a whole year
and don’t worry about getting out your contact information because most people
at five most through Google search anything
up then also just like coming
when choosing headline his words that are relevant
your skills and work people were it’s a search for you not
what you want but what people would search for such exactly like demanding
just because you like it to me doesn’t mean it’s gonna be good you have to make
sure that it’s the same thing
people will be good what did you look at work
so and then there’s stuff you can do with your company I again so
make sure you make company page if you do have your company or business
a and those pages to me is share more
are about the company’s products and services
at the potential customers and I’ll get to it if you belong to a group to cook
in a minute may need to copy pics as well
just like Facebook and post updates your company page
a and make sure you share links
as well I’m and research
other company pages as well see no similar brands
but they do it look at Facebook pages cricket
at like 10 page her seeking always know what your competition is up to you
take a look what they’re doing but make sure you have a pretty up to date
company page for yourself ahead poster updates if your blood
make sure cost your company pages well see in March closure there
then you can also advertise your company page if you’re interested
your company can work directly with like 10 advertising
and Mark intercept on page to help you I’m
you can also get a book by Victoria pre she is the author of the book is called
like 10 for the clueless I’m not saying you’re clueless
but its pretty good but take a scar formation I skip the first few chapters
but there’s a lot that market tips alerts well say may want to look at that
locker hey that social media is your stay and if you are trying to build a
business running a bit sir
building company like 10 is a really good luck to get have a Rand Paul 10
I it does offer a lot of benefits and not a lot of dropped passes for what you
getting a job which one prokaryotes
its well worth it are you reject people I’ve used it many times
to find people have helped me to get the right people to sell commands
so I’d strongly recommend you get a free account gets turkey is a check to become
familiar with that
and then as far as social media sadness I called for a
to you or a it’s pretty cool it if it’s a
against the latest news latest stories I read some good stuff have an apt word on
on Android act on Apple seeing do that as well
and look at it it’s got some pretty good information and
you can add me up for our probably under adult DCG dot com
you had me at like 10 up on under Adam a C dot dot com DC dot com I think like a
setup like 10 dot com slash Adam Decker
I can add me to Facebook to search warrants at daycare
outlets Esther KK more
Honda social network not set make some connections
you should also probably set up to a cap yourself clout
Atacama tickets KL tea cup car
LSU hook up with all kinds of people from all kinds a different networks all
at once
and it’s pretty interesting also la support your like 10 your Facebook and
Twitter contest help build your network
absolute lack of stuff you can do %uh and hopefully
had everything up being you’ll be all for it all pretty easily I think you
I’m and i’d give you the book to read if you’re interested
you get at Amazon or are you on welcome bookstore whatever
and that will see you at the next video so I have a great day
and I will talk to Sam I’m get carrabelle hate my house I think I’m
stopped recording the young a
I guess that’s why and I stopped recording down to a lower
will see it later have a great day and
take care
Adam Dicker Video – Subject: ATTENTION DOMAIN BROKERS…..WIN A $3000 PRIZE PACK Wed, 17 Jul 2013 01:17:53 +0000 [imaioVideo v=1]



… the first ever Domain Broker Contest by selling domains!
Win Tickets , Flight , Limo, Food, Hotel to any NFL Teams Opening NFL game!

This contest provided by and Adam Dicker.




54278 – Start Your Own Business In Cord Blood Banking Now! Fri, 25 Jan 2013 18:41:29 +0000

Today’s Topic: Start Your Own Business In Cord Blood Banking Now for as little as $20! Here you will find a daily video blog by domain expert Adam Dicker on vaious topics on Domaining.

Get pricing per city by going to

To purchase your city, send an email to

Also List Cities in each state by income:

Cities Taken ( Updated As they Come In):

Chicago, Illinois

Denver, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado

Grants Pass, Oregon

————————————————————————— – Start Your Own Business in Cord Blood Banking Now!


Hi! Well it’s time for a good video, an interesting video and I think a topic that you’re really going to enjoy. It’s a business opportunity and it’s something that I’m looking and putting together for a while. Before I talk about that I’m going to talk about, first of all this video is quite scripted because there’s a lot of detail on it that I want to get to you and I didn’t want to forget or leave anything out. So if I’m looking down, you’ll know why.

A quick note, a funny note, maybe not so funny for others but it was funny for me, I got a spam that could get the average person or somebody who’s been married for a short time in trouble. It was from a young lady named Kirsten who I don’t know and never heard of, and I’m going to stick to that story. She sent me a note saying, “How’s it going? I’ll be in town next week. Let me know if you want to meet up.” And luckily, my wife [0:01:05] didn’t see the note and be as to the jealous type. Someone else’s wife who’s been married a short time or girlfriend, I mean that kind of spam is pointless; there were no links on it. It can only get that person in trouble. But anyway, enough about the spam. Now let’s get to the video.

So I get letters everyday since I did that Cord blood banking video on domain probably about a year, maybe even longer, but I’ll say a year and I get letters from people asking how to get involved with me in Cord blood banking. And these letters forced me to set a program to get other people involved and grow my business, at the same time as giving them an opportunity to grow a business that’s very profitable. So this isn’t really a sales pitch, I want to make that very clear. I just can’t be in every city in the US and Canada at the same time, and your outreach in your own city extends much farther than I ever could. You’ll understand what I mean by that in a few minutes, well it may actually take 20 minutes to go through this whole thing but you’ll get the whole idea that there is a good business opportunity for you and I’m willing to let you in. So let me go over some of the details as you could figure it out by now today’s topic is Build Your Own Cord Blood Bank Business in your City. So let’s get going.

Like I said, it’s no secret that I have been involved in Cord Blood Banking for a long time now and have some pretty good customers, some of which send in 50- 100 samples a month which is, as you’ll see when we go down the video is excellent revenue. And now it’s your chance to get involved and make some serious money for yourself with very little start-up cost. There will be some start-up cost but that only I believe that you don’t have any skill in the game you’re not financially vested in something, there’s really no reason for you to even try. In the past experience tells me that if people have skill in the game, even a small amount of money, even 50 dollars or 20 dollars, or something like that, they will definitely give it a go and give it their best go; especially if they know and tasted the first sale. They realize the profit margin of one sale out does any investment that you’re going to put in to begin with.

So why am I offering this business opportunity? Simply put, like I said, I’m only one person and if I can get people in every major city across US and Canada involved, then my business grows exponentially, and many people are now running their own successful businesses, but they have been rolling, as I’ve said in many videos to put hard work in. because this is not going to be a business where you’re going to sit on your hands, take a city and just sit there.

So like I said, again and I’ll repeat it one more time in many videos, no business will grow without hard work. And that’s what this is going to take. And I cannot be everywhere, but everywhere, somebody is having a baby. And that baby can benefit from selling their cord blood. So some numbers: 1913 babies were born College Station, Texas, just a random city that I picked up because I happen to find an article on it. So 1913 were born in College Station, Texas in 2011. College Station has a population of 87,000. So that costs you about 87 dollars to take College Station. Therefore it’s about a dollar to a thousand. If you just got to one of those parents in a year, you’ll be running a profitable business, and I’m only interested in people that are chasers and people that know how to sell, and  the people that are self-motivated, want to run their own business, and are in it for, again to work hard and make it succeed. If you’re not one to put in the hard work that’s necessary, I honestly suggest you stop watching this video, go put your feet up on the couch, have a beer and continue what you’ve been doing up until now. Probably it hasn’t worked for you but again if you’re not going to put in hard work, I don’t really want you to be part of this program.

So imagine if you got to more people just one in College Station, you will be doing really well. So what will I do? Well I’ll tell you what to do; I will tell you who and how to approach people; I’ll tell you what groups to approach, plus I’ll arm you with brochures, flyers, business cards, and information on the benefits of storing your babies cord blood. And there are many benefits. There’s over a couple of hundred diseases that are treatable with a cord blood storage. The fact that cord blood storage and now tissue banking can save not only the baby’s life that you’ve taken the cord blood from, but any of your other children and family members as well. Yes, I said tissue banking that is also a big new thing, so go out there and get city domains with Don’t get, it’s not much valuable because it just isn’t and tissue banking is also going to be a huge market, and it will take off very quickly. If I knew when my wife and I started to have our four kids, but cord banking or tissue banking, I certainly would have done it. Luckily I haven’t had any diseases or illnesses where I required it but it’s like insurance. When you don’t get it, it will crash up your car. Trust me son towed my Lexus, luckily I didn’t have insurance.

If a parent stores a cord blood for one child, it can be used for any of there, existing children they have if needed. Some parents even go as far as, if they have a sick child, they will go as far as, once the doctor tells them that if the stored their cord blood, it could have saved their baby’s life and could have made things a lot easier, they’d go as far as having another child. And I’m sure that child is loved but he uses that cord blood from the second or third child to save the life of the previous child. So that’s how important cord blood storage is.

Now there are over five hundred thousand companies pretending to be cord banks, when in fact there are only about six to ten approved cord banks in whole US who would do this. And it’s FDA-approved and all that. The rest are opportunities to bring to you and us, as they’re definitely resellers or affiliates but they’re definitely not direct cord banks, and we want them. Honestly if you can get a reseller who is selling 10-15 bags or 20 bags of cord blood storage kits a month, that’s big money. So you want those. And they’re not direct as they claim.

So here’s how I really got started and got serious. So I got into this and then I developed a very close friendship with a lawyer, and a good a friend and we run a cord bank. Running your own cord bank reduces the costs considerably, removes all middlemen involved and leaves a lot more money on the table so I can involve people like you. He handles the legal, the money, and the organizational stuff, and I trust him a 100 percent. I’m handle marketing, because I’m good at it; sorry, ego there. It’s just I’m good at the marketing; I understand it, marketing, I’m interested in marketing. And it’s my job to bring in the customers, which I do with marketing and with phone calls or any other way that I see fit. Here’s where you come in, and this is probably the part where sit up and pay more attention.

I’m going to be assigning cities to people that want follow instructions and make dollars, but also like my other videos have shown, must be willing to work hard. So I’ll explain how you’ll get a city out first and we’ll talk about it but if you get city, you’ll have to reach out to all of the phone people and try to get them to use our cord bank and you’re cord bank, which is and explain to them that’s a storage of cord blood which is on listen on now. And also in every stake with and so don’t bother trying to get those. Nice try. So you get the idea. These sites are well indexed in all major cities with population of over 20,000 have their own page, where I can put your phone number and your email address if you take on a city so they can contact you directly. We’ll come back to that.

So here’s some groups you want to contact if you do take a city to build your business, and I’m going to give you the offline ones first. So the offline ones are the family doctors, as usually my cell phone rings even though I thought I turned it off. As usual, you want to reach out to the family doctors because usually women go to them first to confirm they’re pregnant. Then gynaecologists since they see women, they’re a good source for leads. People teach Lamaze classes are one of your better sources because they’re teaching 20 of the 30 candidates in each class and some of those will sign up for cord bank storage, and the Lamaze class teachers would be thrilled to have you go in and explain the benefits of cord bank storage. They’d welcome you in and that’s a cha-ching as I want to say.

You can so much offer and go in and get a whole of your local people and find whoever is teaching Lamaze classes. The hospital nurses and educational classes they offer for first time parents: a planned parenthood in your area. Obviously if they’re planning a family, this is a good time to get in.

Midwives, these people deal with pregnant women every day. So we want to make sure that we get to those people. So that’s your offline market. And I’ll explain to you why, in a minute why these people would want to deal with you it’s because you’re going to give them money for that leads that convert. And you’re going to be able to offer that in the front end.

So online marketing that you can do, well you can post on women’s forums and blogs, you can join Facebook groups in your area that talk about pregnancy or even talk about cord blood banking. You can put an ad in your local newspaper; you can put an ad on Craigslist or on and then you can try to go on behalf of those people in Google, let’s take Miami. Just Google Miami cord bank and you’ll find a hundred or two hundred thousand people pretending to be Miami Cord Banks when we know most of them are resellers. So buy from them, and offer them a good price. Like I said there’s only about 10 real cord banks so the 200, 300, 400 thousand you’re going to find listed under Orlando Cord Bank, you know most are resellers. And I’m sure there’s other ways that you can think of that I may or may not have found out already.

So when somebody signs up, what happens? Once somebody signs up as a customer with us, we send them a kit for the collection of a cord blood with a return label on it. It’s a professional-looking kit. They usually take the kit with them, they’re supposed to take the kit with them to the hospital in the little bag that they prepare ahead of time and they give the kit after when they get there. And they usually tell the doctor in advance that they want to store the cord blood so the doctor’s not totally surprised. The doctor does not charge them anything to extract the cord blood from the cord blood and drop it to the cord blood bag and then put it in the kit. And then the parents have a FedEx kit box, the parents have a self-addressed FedEx box; they drop the kit in the FedEx box and sends it to out cord bank. If they forget, most hospitals have their kits on hand that they can give them. So some parents obviously when they forget, because the biggest thing is getting screaming pregnant wife to the hospital and sometimes if it’s not in your bag you’re going to forget the cord blood kit. But hospitals do have extras on hand.

So how do you make money and how do people send you leads make money? So if you sell a $799 kit, which includes a cord bud for four years, you’re paid 15 percent which is a $112 dollars. If you sell one kit for 20 years, you’re paid 15 percent which is $450 and you’ll be surprised how many of the higher kits people buy because they don’t want to have to worry about after the four years, it’s a hundred dollars a year after that and so on. So I’d rather just pay for it upfront and not worry about it.

Now how did that 15 percent, you’re free to divide it up if you wish because you’re running your own business and I’m trying to empower you with your building to make your own marketing sessions. I can make suggestions, like I would suggest for example that if when you run to Lamaze class, and you’re [0:14:36] and offer here five percent and you keep 10% for each referral she sends on $799 kit. When he get 40 bucks, and you get 80 dollars. Imagine that if Wendy teaches these Lamaze classes weekly or monthly and sends you ten to 30 students a month, good profit for both of you right? And that’s just one-person running Lamaze class and there’s probably 20 or so in each major city at least. And then again it’s just one group of people you can approach. So if you sell a package of 20-year package of cord blood storage, again that’s $450 dollars still at 15 percent.

Now I really don’t want to waste time on business partners that don’t produce. I know that people that I’ve worked with failed in two different categories. Fall in, sorry. I know they fall in two different categories. There are starters, and there are finshers. And I know from my own experience that when I have skill in the game, time and money, personal sacrifice, I make things happen. So we want people, who know how to sell, and we want people who know how to close and we want people who really believe in cord blood storage and understand the benefits of cord blood storage. Because you can’t drive a Ford and sell a Mercedes. And you can’t drive a Mercedes and sell a Honda, it just doesn’t work. You have to believe in what you’re selling; you have to believe it is good for the parents to do this, which it is.

So if you’re serious and will actually do your part in stem cell cord blood storage is an awesome way for you to run your own business and help others, because it really does help others. Hopefully you’ll never need to get the cord blood back but if they do, at least you know it’s there for them and you’ll be helping their families. So it’s a service that definitely helps people. And you watch my videos for a reason. Ask yourself if you heard anyone else talk about this opportunity over the last year. The answer I’m pretty sure is nope. So hard work pays off, I’m giving you the option to say “yes.” I want to build my own business and have it mined.

So now, how do you get to all the city stuff now? So if you want the register a city, there is a financial commitment. You make a commitment, we have a private marketing center that you’ll access to, a member’s only area to our marketing, and our market tested solutions, and challenges you’re going to see over the course of running your business. And you’ll know how to handle any objections that you come by.

So let’s do some financial commitment examples to run your business. So let’s take Salt Lake City, Utah.  183,000 people the cost around that city, well, a $183 dollars. And obviously if you sell $799 kits, you’ll make a $120 dollars. So if you can’t sell more than a few couple of kits in a year, you really shouldn’t be looking at this opportunity. My guess is  you’re going to sell a quite a few a month and that $183 dollars consume like chicken shit compared to what would costs you start your own brick and mortar business, to start your online business and all the money you have to put into it.

Just an example, so I spoke to another gentleman and this was an interesting call; I love to run this thing by people, see if they big step through people like, throw off people if they would like them or wouldn’t like them. So I spoke to another gentleman and said there are 1.2 million people in Philadelphia and it would cost him about $1200 bucks. He also said that there were rich areas of Philly and poor areas of Philly’s so he may not want to spend $1200 bucks. But he said there was a city, a smaller city called Baldwin where it a very affluent city where people had a lot of money. So I said sir don’t buy Philly, go after Baldwin. And Baldwin has a population of 18,487, which would cost $19 dollars. So I said go for Baldwin. I don’t care if you pick big cities or small cities. I care that you pick the city and that you work hard to build your business so that your business grows, you make money and you help us build our business. But pick a small city, pick a $20 city, it doesn’t matter to me. I want to see you successful, I want to see us both successful.

So if you want lock in a city, we’ll be having a sign a 1-2 page agreement written up by nobody, the lawyer, but don’t get scared. It’s not a major legal document. It’s a one to two-paged agreement and the reason that we’re doing it is because I want you to be successful and we both want to be successful, You and I. The agreement is based on what you can expect from us and what we can expect from you to protect your invest and our grant. And again, if you have a city, and it’s a decent sized city, and you end up selling one to two kits a year, you’re not very committed so probably we’re going to terminate the agreement and maybe 6 months to a year, it will take 30 days written notice, and all the usual stuff. But I mean we want people that are go getters or chasers that actually want to make some money, in a downtime when the economy is farther along, people losing their houses and their jobs. This is an opportunity for you to make a lot of money while sitting at home, and working at home or while you’re on your current job, just wanting to do something on the side.

So if you choose not to take city, you can still be affiliate but the payout is much less. And you’re helping to build a person’s business that’s the best in that city. So if you take Miami for example, and you just advertise all over the place, you get $50 or $40, and another person gets the $120 even though they haven’t done anything but they made the investment in the city. So if you’re interested, here’s what you need to do. So get a pen, go to and then the top left box, that says Jump to Detail Profile,  or Search site, enter your state and then hit search or enter or whatever, and it will give you a every list of city in your state. Then you can sort the population column and then you can decide what city you want. Again, the cost is one dollar per thousand, so a city with 30000 people will cost you $30, and this works for a year, provided you actually do something and don’t just sit on your hands. I mean once you have your city, email; I mean once you have your city picked out, email either cities at or and we’ll email you the info to get started.

It is important that you grab cities and start selling kits based on information on Now, there is information there but we will be in beta until February 15 as we collect people for cities and ask them to prepare flyers and business cards that we’ll send you electronically that you can add it to put in your own account information and either take to a printer or printer at home. So that’s when we’ll be sending that information but you can start selling cord blood kits and you can get started cord blood storage now, for you and for me right away.

There have been some questions that came up; in my notes, it says there’s two questions but funny I listed three because I thought of another one and I forgot to change the word from two to three. So here’s the questions that came up. Can we grab more than one city? The answer is “yes” you can grab as many as you want. Make sure that you have someone in each city that will work it for you. There’s no point in grabbing five or ten, or 20 or 50 cities if you’re only one person and you’re not going to find the reps in each city that are going to after all those businesses that I mentioned earlier and more. You need to get, if you’re going to take like I don’t know – Orlando, and all the surrounding counties, or Miami and all the surrounding not counties, cities. Then you need to have someone in each one of those cities that can work for you and is going to work harder at it. So let’s take to Dallas. So if you want Dallas and you want Fort Worth and you want, I don’t know, Arlington and you want a whole bunch of other cities, you got to have somebody in each city that’s going to work for you and you need to make sure that you have that done. Unless you’re willing to put all the time to go after everybody in every city which kind of defeats the purpose. Yes, you can grab more than one city but we will ask you who the other person is, who the other people are there that are going to run the other cities.

How will we determine who gets what city? Well this one’s easy. First come, first serve. We’ll go by what time where you receive the emails. So if they are people that want Miami, the first person that sends an email for the instruction and falls through the payment, will go get Miami. If they fail to comply, or fail to make the payment, then we’ll go to the second person, the third person and so on.

No. 3 Some people have already asked me for sample of cord blood collecting kits. These are $50 dollars each because that’s what they cost us and they’ll be available after February 15. Now there’s another option. And this is we’re getting in the videos, just relax it’s almost done though. Good opportunities. If you want to look more professional, and I’m not really anxious to do this part because it’s a lot more work in my end, you have the option if you take, we’ll go with Miami again as an example to have a sub-domain set up with your contact info on it, with your email and your phone number and I’ll set up And give you a custom personalized email. That’s But that’s up to you and the cost for this is $99 dollars. This is not mandatory, this is up to you. If you just want to use your toll-free number, if you just want to toll-free numbers for people to contact you at the bottom of this video. I’ll look if you to have toll-free numbers, you may just want to use your local cell phone, that part is up to you because it’s your business so you decide on how you want to do that.

Okay, the last thing is this video is about me sharing my best experiences with you. I want us all to make money and enjoy what we do. Nothing is better than helping children and modern science, and making the customer, which in this case is the parent happy while earning a good living for yourself. And that’s all I’ve got. So you may want to watch this video over again because there’s a lot of details in it. I hope you decide to take part of the program because I want more feet in the street; I want to expand like the spider web and keep growing the business. But again, it’s up to you. Again, you can take large city if you want, or you can take the small city if you want and it’s up to you. Have a great day and I look forward to work with you or some of you in the cord blood arena and let’s make a lot of money. Take care and have a good day.


54259 – How to optimize your posts and pages in WordPress! Wed, 23 Jan 2013 15:30:12 +0000

Todays Topic: How to optimize your posts and pages in WordPress to get the maximum SEO value in the search engines and how to remove post dates fro pages and posts.

Here you will find a daily video blog by domain expert Adam Dicker on vaious topics on Domaining.

Link to software mentioned in the video to SEO your WordPress Site Step by Step:


Instructions to remove post dates in WordPress:

artofthenamelogo200 – How to Optimize your Posts and Pages in WordPress


Hi! Well first I want to have to give you a warning about today’s video. It may contain a little XXX material at the beginning but I don’t you’ll be too offended. And then we’re going to go on to our program which I think today what you’re going to find is pretty interesting. So let’s get started.

So I’ve been meeting people continually for coffee and I’m amazed at how many people have called me and said, “Hey, can I take you up on coffee? You want to meet for an hour and let’s chat.” I recently met a gentleman names Jason who was very, a nice guy. There wasn’t really demeanour but had a bunch of domain names, kind of got them later on. And he was enjoying another line of business and he picked them up. Had a great conversation. I’m building five sets for him through to start and I learned a lot from him as well as he learned a lot from me about the business. So I thought that was very interesting for me and I’m going to continue to have these meetings if people want to get together and have coffee because I find it mutually beneficial. I can actually learn from other people and people can actually learn from me. So it’s great. And like I said I never make them pay for the coffee because I don’t want to feel like taking advantage. I don’t even know if it’s butt or whatever it is. So I paid for the coffee it’s just call me I’ll book the time, let’s get together.

So let’s go over here, here’s your video. So my wife has been bugging me about how come I have an hour for people I’ve never met. But she doesn’t get an hour for sex. And I said, “Well, you can have an hour for sex, but then we’re going to have to go 12 times and I’ll be dead.” And I said, “is that what you want? And are you trying to kill me? And she quietly left the room and realized that if she didn’t kill me then we’ll have sex 12 times in an hour and there will be no money to pay for the bills. So we got that over fast, and I don’t think she’s going to mention that again.

Anyway that’s your XXX fact of the day. The other thing is unrelated to domains that are just interesting some of you may or may not know this that during Seinfeld has an addiction to super men. In every Seinfeld episode, he had mentioned the words superman or you’ll see in the background, in the book case or when he moved around the apartment, you’ll find a superman figurine. But in every episode there is something to do with superman. Not important as it relates to domains, just something I thought I’d tell you because it’s interesting.

So here we go. Today’s topic is how to optimize your posts and pages in WordPress to get the maximum SEO value in the search engines.  So that’s what we’re going to talk about and that’s what we’re going to do. When you do a post or when you do a page in WordPress, you need to make sure and I’m going to give you about 18 things you need to make sure that you do to maximize the search volume. So the first thing is make sure that the title contains; well let’s assume I’m doing this on let’s see, what should I pick? Let’s pick, I don’t know, nail polish, only because somebody made me an offer on nail polish. So let’s start with it’s not my domain name. So free publicity for somebody else. So in the title you want to make sure that the title contains the keyword nail polish. You also want to make sure that the title begins with the keyword. So you can put something like Nail Polish – the Greatest thing since Sliced Bread or Make your nails look pretty; whatever you want with it. obviously I’m not very good with nail polish. I don’t actually have any nail polish. I don’t even do clear polish.

Anyway, make sure the title contains the keyword. Make sure that the title begins with the keyword, make sure the title contains at least three words in it after. The title should at least have three words in the title. So again, nail polish – red nail polish, makes you feel sexy. Who knows? And then make sure the title contains no more than 60 characters. So anything longer than that and it’s not going to help you in the search engine. So keep those four things in mind. The title contains a keyword; title begins with a keyword; contains at least three keywords, oh sorry, at least three words, and make sure the title contains no more than 16 characters.  Now as far as the URL goes, make sure for those of you that are familiar with WordPress, you’ll know about Perma linkage. Make sure that the title of your permalink contains your keywords.  So the page name could be /rednailpolish and that’s your permalink. At least it has now called in the permalink.

As far as the meta stuff goes. Now this is important despite what some SEOP will tell you and if you ask 6 SEO people, they’ll give six different opinions that will give you 6 different opinions on anything to do with search engines and optimizers. So right now you’re just getting one opinion which is mine so I’ll continue. Make sure that the description has a description for the meta tag contains your keywords. Obviously you want to put Nail Polish in the meta tag description and make sure is only up to 160 characters and no more. So people put wave more I thinking it’s going to help them, it doesn’t. so make sure that your meta tag description  for that page has a 160 characters. Make sure that the description of your Meta tags begins with the keyword. So you can start with Nail Polish, is or was or it should be made into one for a 160 characters and stop. But make sure it starts with it.  And make sure that the keywords, Metatag contains the key words. So make sure that the keywords Meta tags contain the keywords where you list those key words under the mental description usually. Make sure that one of those tags is actually nail polish.

The next thing is make sure on your heading anywhere in the post, could be if it’s two or three paragraphs long or whatever, make sure that you have in each one tag contains your keyword. So it could be benefits of nail polish or cool things to do with nail polish, or other uses for nail polish. And so make sure that H1 tag contain, if there, you do H1 tag that contains your keyword as a heading. And also when you’re doing a heading, in H1 tag, make sure that the keyword begins the H1 tag. So that’s why I put it in front and make sure it’s nail polish whatever. Just make sure that it’s so. If you’re doing H1 tag and making sure the H1 tag contains your keyword and it also starts with your keyword. Now these can be two separate H1 tags. It could be a guide to using Nail polish and then the next paragraph could be nail polish the ultimate fuel for your car. Now that’s not true but as long as you get the point that you can be in the middle of one, at the end of one, but on one it also needs to be at the beginning.

Okay, as far as content goes, make sure that the content of the page or the post contains at least 500 words. It’s important that at least it has 500 words because then it shows the search engines that it’s a real article, and obviously makes sure it’s a real article. Make sure it’s not just a copied article from Ezine or other find articles, or in Google there’s always Panda or Penguin updates. Those are the sites that could kill and move away down. All of my sites are original content so therefore, usually when they do an update, my sites aren’t punished; they are actually rewarded. And they usually move up. You know I just recently did and it’s ranking over the Top Ten. I mean make sure you use at least 500 words in your post and make sure that your content has a keyword density for your main keyword nail polish of at least one to two percent. One to two percent is good; you can go as high as 4% but anything more than that is called keyword stuffing and it’s not favourably by Google or by other search engines.

Now make sure that you see it live. So hold on let me turn down ringer off, there you go. Hey. Ringer off. Ringer doesn’t want to go off. I’ll just kill it completely. There, I killed that completely and at least you know these videos are live. Anyway, they’ll probably call back because people tend to call back. Anyway, so let’s make sure that the content contains the keyword in the first fifty to a hundred words of your 500-word page or post. So make sure that that happens. Also make sure that the content contains at least one image with a keyword as the Alt image tags. So you can put a picture of a bottle of nail polish and make sure that it says, the alt tag for that is nail polish. And then also make sure that your content contains at least one bold keyword. So make sure somewhere in there that your keyword is bolded somewhere in the page or the post. Another tip is to make sure the content contains a keyword in the anchor text of at least one external length. So you want to make sure you’re going to do that. Also make sure that the content contains a keyword in the anchor text of at least one internal length. So you can put nail polish and link it to some other page within your site. And make sure you do that.

So those are the 18 key points that you need to know and to make sure that you’re optimizing your pages and your posts properly. And then I was speaking yesterday to Scott Bender who I have talked to you quite a bit and he asked me for something that I thought was interesting. He asked me, “Is there a way to remove all the dates from the post? For sometimes content can look stale if you put an article on what is nail polish putting it up today, and then six months later down the road somebody’s looking at it that says January 23, 2013. They’re going to think the page never updated, and there’s no information on it.” so you can make sure you do that and I found a useful piece of code that you can put into your WordPress site and it will actually remove all the postdates automatically, so you’ll just posts. I’ll post that link at the end of the video, below the video so that you can go take a look at it and it’s very simple. You just go to Appearance>Editor, and then your WordPress Admin, you add this bit of code that I’m going to post. It’s about 6 lines of code. I’m looking at it now, that you just add into appearance editor and then you go into, that’s in your WordPress admin, and then you add this to your Themes and Functions.php5 and then that would biblio code makes it so all of your posts will not show any dates. Now that’s good for lots of people that do lots of sites that don’t have time to go back and update content every day on a regular basis. You don’t want it to look like it’s from 2011 or 2012 like you see on many blogs currently.

So that’s today’s video in a nutshell, and basically like I said, the topic was How to Optimize your Posts and Pages in WordPress to maximize your value in the search engines. I think I’ve given you enough to do and now you know how to go ahead and optimize your pages and posts. So go ahead and do it and you will find an extreme benefit to you in the rankings as far as search engine optimization goes for on page SEO. For off-pages SEO, you still need to do all the little things that we’ve talked about before like get your articles done, get back links submitted, get your videos done, get press releases done. So make sure you continue to do your off-page SEO too, make sure you get your Facebook and Twitter accounts for your domain name if it’s a business your building, and any other social media. That’s network handles that you want; go ahead and if the site is your business, don’t be afraid to add your LinkedIn account if it’s a real business. Like I did with or other sites. But go ahead and do that. enjoy updating your pages and posts. There are plugins that will do a lot of this for you automatically.  I’ve mentioned it before in another video, well it does not do it automatically but tells you when it’s done correctly and that’s Easy WPSEO. I have a link to that at the bottom of the video and it will tell you which things that after you posted, which things still need to be done, and which things you need to do manually and then you hit update and then it will say you’ll change your page score and they’ll say now you’re 80% done. And you keep going till you get above 90% and make sure again your keyword density is at least one to 2 percent and it can go as high as four percent.

I hope you enjoyed the video and I’m sorry for the phone interruption. I’ll try to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Have a great day and have a profitable day. Take care, bye.

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