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Lead Generation

Lead Generation

by Adam Dicker

Lead Generation. Generate leads for a business

How to generate Leads for a business

A recurring theme I encounter in the various conversations and portfolio reviews I do is that domainers tend you freeze when I start talking about Lead Generation. The whole concept seems appealing to people but they kind of freeze when they think about the work that is involved.

Lead Generation

However generating leads for a company can be avery lucrative business. Depending on the branche you are approaching payment for Leads can add up quickly.

Once you have developed your website and made your deals with your client it is kind of sit back and enjoy. If you have defined a niche for yourself and you have build a good Geo Lead Generation Site there is nothing holding you back from using that same principle in other Geo locations. Lets say you are in to the Plumbing arena you would develop a Lead Generation site for City A. Once you have that business up and running and your client is being delivered his leads you could copy that principle for City B, C , D and so on..

Lead Generation opportunities.

You do your research on the specific niche you aim to target. Some industries are more lucrative than others. A dentist is willing to pay more for a lead than a plumber because the Dentist gets a customer for the long run and the plumber just for one job. Everything that has an element of urgency or exclusivity works usually very well. Just think what you do when you have a serious pain in your body or a leakage in the house. Those people go out on Google and start searching for the first business that can solve their pain/problem. Those leads are what a local business needs. It is up to you to to get those searching clients to call your number and forward that to the business you do lead generation for. In the video below I go into the details about that process. Enjoy

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