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Promising Portfolio Review Lisette Meijer

Thursday the 25th I had the pleasure of doing a portfolio review with a newbie in the domaining business. Lisette, a domainer from the Netherlands, has been in domaining for only four months. Her portfolio of 40 names shows a good sense for business and I was impressed by her. What makes it impressive is that she decided to have a review early on in her domaining career to check if she is on the right track. Lots of other domainers find out the hard way that they aren’t and have wasted their money.

Lisette has been watching and learning by checking out my other video’s, domain sherpa’s and paying attention to the suggestions made there. She has a nice mix of ccTLDs en new TLDs which makes this  a perfect example on how you can accumulate a nice valuable portfolio with a modest investment. Three of the better names were, (bookaspeaker) and

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Wondering if a review is something for you to do. You can check the product out by clicking this here.. Please watch the video first

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