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Oversee.net Asks Court to Dismiss SnapNames Lawsuit

Defendants file motion to dismiss lawsuit over bidding scandal. Oversee.net and Snapnames have filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed against it in wake of the SnapNames insider bidding scandal . The lawsuit seeking class action status was filed by Stewart Resmer, who overpaid for a SnapNames auction by $20 in 2006 due to the insider bidding

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SnapNames Shill Bidding Scandal Leads to Another Class Action Lawsuit Against Oversee.net

The insider shill bidding scandal at SnapNames.com has resulted in a 2nd class action lawsuit being filed against SnapNames owner Oversee.net. In what could be a huge blow to Oversee if granted, the new suit asks the court to disgorge Defendants of ALL revenue earned from SnapNames auctions during the Class period.

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A Peek Inside the SnapNames Lawsuit

Lawyer filed claim on behalf of brother. Earlier today I talked to Santiago A. Cueto, the first lawyer to file a lawsuit against Snapnames for the insider bidding scandal . He was quick to the docket because lead plaintiff Carlos A. Cueto is his brother.

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