Trifecta of "Best Banking" Domains for Sale for First Time Ever, the Domain Name Sales Report, has been tapped to bring a unique marketing opportunity to the banking industry as they offer three premium domains,, .net and .org for sale this month.

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Zeus Bank Trojan Infects 100,000 UK PCs

East European criminals have managed to infect up to 100,000 UK-based PCs with malware designed to steal online banking logins. Personal computer - Online banking - Business - Financial Services - Banking Services

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The [Dot]Brand Tribes – Part 3

In part two of The [Dot] Brand Tribes we argued that introducing new branded generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) would bring value to brand owners and have positive effects on customer recognition. In this last post we'll continue that theme and talk about how brand owners can come together to provide shared spaces using the banking industry as an example.

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