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It’s CyberMonday. How is your domain traffic?

Traffic to product related domains should swell today. Today is CyberMonday, a name coined by the National Retail Federation to promote online buying for the holiday season. The idea is that everyone is back at work after Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and that means they’ll do a lot of online shopping. In 2006 comScore measured $610 million in online commerce on CyberMonday.

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Microsoft’s Bing Gears Up for Black Friday

Microsoft registers domains for upcoming shopping days. Black Friday is less than two weeks away, and Microsoft is busy registering domain names for the big day. In recent days the company has registered a handful of domain names related to its Bing search engine and Black Friday and the following Cyber Monday. Among the domains it has registered: BingBlackFriday.com and .net BingCyberMonday.com and .net The domain names currently forward to the Bing search engine for the related query, e.g. “BingcyberMonday”.

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