Receiver: “ICANN thumbing its nose at the Court”, asks court fo find ICANN in contempt

Them’s fightin’ words! Well this is getting interesting. Earlier this month a Texas court ordered ICANN to stay a UDRP case for ICANN responded by saying that it had no authority to stay a UDRP proceeding and that the court had no jurisdiction to order it to do so. The court disagreed

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Texas court claims jurisdiction over ICANN and says ICANN can stay a UDRP proceeding

An interesting case from a Texas court.

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Frank Schilling and John Berryhill team up to get RDNH decision

Company files dispute for UDRP in bad faith. Frank Schilling, with the help of attorney John Berryhill, has convinced a UDRP panel that AINS, INC is guilty of reverse domain name hijacking in a dispute over AINS, Inc has a trademark for “ecase” for its software for workflow and case management. It claimed a first use in commerce date of 2009 on its trademark application. Schilling acquired the domain name in 2002, so the case had no chance of succeeding.

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eBay lays claim to Dominican Republic domain names

A rare case over .do domain names. eBay has filed a complaint with World Intellectual Property Organization for four domain names that use the Dominican Republic top level domain .do

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A $90,000 .Com and 8 ccTLDs Share the Spotlight on This Week’s Domain Sales Chart

If variety is the spice of life the past week was a very spicy one for the domain aftermarket as seven different TLDs earned places on our all extension Top 20 Sales Chart. As is usually the case, the top spot went to a .com with this week's leader weighing in at $90,000, but the ccTLDs were also a force to be reckoned with.

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Apple gets control over porn domain names

Owner of domain names agrees to give domain names to Apple after company filed complaint. Apple is now the proud owner of and six other (mostly) explicit domain names

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Panelist Calls Clause in Registration Agreement “Extraordinary”

Panelist finds it odd that makes domain registrant responsible for its own “coming soon” pages.

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Canadian Court Rules Domain Names Are Property

Ruling on appeal gives victory to Tucows, expands scope of domain names as property. The Court of Appeal for Ontario has ruled in favor of Tucows on its appeal over a domain name dispute, setting a precedent for domain name registrants that their domain names are property. In 2009, Brazilian company Lojas Renner S.A. (a subsidiary of JC Penney) filed a UDRP against Tucows for the domain name

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Walmart Challenges Non-Profit Over Domain Name

Company files dispute to get OURWalmart. com domain name. [UPDATE: The original story said the case was against

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Arbitration for Twitter Typo Terminated, Then Refiled

Massive typo case terminated, then refiled. An arbitration case at World Intellectual Property forum over the domain name has been terminated, only for the company to file a second case. Cases are typically terminated when the domain owner agrees to hand the domain name over to the complainant. In this case it appears the case may have been terminated and then refiled after the domain name registrar disclosed the owner of the domain name. The Whois record for at the existing registrar (Power Brand Center) shows the owner as Panamanian company Geigo, Inc.

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Monte Cahn Adds Allegations to Complaint Against

Cahn adds allegations and drops one claim.

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A First: Complainant Loses Case for .Co Domain Name becomes first .co domain name case won by respondent. A complainant has finally lost a UDRP case for a .co domain name

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Apple Sues Owner of, Then Dismisses Case

Seller of white iPhones sued. Apple has sued the owner of (as well as the domain name itself), but then filed to dismiss the case on the same day ( pdf )

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[Updated] ICANN Sends Breach Notice to EuroDNS Over Facebook UDRP

ICANN threatens EuroDNS if it fails to transfer domain name to Facebook. ICANN has sent a Notice of Breach ( pdf ) to popular European domain name registrar EuroDNS for its failure to transfer a client domain name after an adverse UDRP decision. In September 2010 a EuroDNS client lost a UDRP for (with one ‘o’), which is certainly a common typo for the popular social network. As of today the domain name is still in the client’s hands.

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Two New Cases Show What’s Wrong with UDRP

Two cases show why we need UDRP reform. National Arbitration Forum has handed down two recent domain name decisions that show what’s wrong with UDRP. This isn’t an attack on National Arbitration Forum, as its panelists got both of these cases right

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Tour de France: ‘Easy’ part over, now Pyrenees

France - The real Tour de France started ahead of schedule this year, even before the Alps. The first week was mentally draining and physically dangerous, which is only rarely the case. But two weeks in, the status quo prevails. Save for the assumption, made..

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Tea Party Patriots Fighting and Failing Over Domain Names

Political group trying to retroactively create and protect brand. One of the many “Tea Party” political groups, Tea Party Patriots, is running into some problems doing retroactive brand management. Tea Party Patriots, Inc. has filed three UDRP domain dispute cases, and only won one of them. The first case was for six domain names including

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VeriSign Loses Big in Court on .Com Domains

Court of Appeals denies VeriSign’s motion, setting up a potential trial over the company’s .com monopoly. One year after a big legal setback, VeriSign has been setback again by the same court. Today the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals denied ( pdf ) VeriSign’s motion for a rehearing of its case with Coalition for ICANN Transparency, and the court amended the opinion it released last year on the matter. The background: Coalition for ICANN Transparency (CFIT) sued VeriSign for its no-bid contract with ICANN, among other things.

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