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Are Domain Names Less Important?

Domain names are now competing for space. I received a catalog from Bissinger’s last week and thoroughly inspected the mailer (it’s great chocolate). What caught my attention was the back of the catalog. Take a look: What do you notice? 15 years ago this catalog would have probably just had a phone number

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Castello Brothers Join Fred Mercaldo To Launch Another Development at Manicure.com

The Castello Brothers have joined Fred Mercaldo to launch another developed website at Manicure.com. The domain will serve as the foundation for a network tying together hundreds of domains. Also today, Moniker releases the catalog for their live domain auction at T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

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SnapNames Summer Stimulus Concludes, DegreePrograms.com Sells For $31,555

SnapNames Summer Stimulus auction has concluded with 38 domains selling for nearly $90,000 including DegreePrograms.com for $31,555. Overall, nearly half of the names in the catalog were sold and a number of one and two-word domains met their reserves

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Domainer Mardi Gras Ready for Its Debut Thursday Afternoon in New Orleans

Final preparations are underway for the Domainer Mardi Gras Conference that opens in New Orleans Thursday at 5pm (U.S. Central Time). Aftermarket.com, who will stage a live domain auction at the show Saturday afternoon, just posted their catalog for the event – one that reflects a strategy to emphasize quality over quantity.

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