CitizenHawk patents its typo recovery business model

An in-depth look at CitizenHawk’s business model. Brand protection company CitizenHawk has been granted a patent that broadly covers its business model of recovering typo domain names on behalf of clients and then monetizing them. The U.S

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Nat Cohen wins reverse domain name hijacking charge against spa for

Spanish spa and wellness center brought UDRP in bad faith. Nat Cohen’s Telepathy has successfully defended the domain name from an attack by Albir Hills Resort, S.A., known as SHA Wellness Clinic. The panel also determined that SHA Wellness Clinic was guilty of attempting reverse domain name hijacking

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A complainant’s UDRP filing should be pretty simple, if it knows what it’s doing.

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Instrumentation Northwest should ask its lawyer for its money back

It just wasted money filing a frivolous complaint over The results are in on Instrumentation Northwest’s case against Nat Cohen’s Telepathy for the domain

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Doh! AARP lawyer forgets to attach screenshot, loses case

AARP wins two cases for similar domain names but loses third. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) just received determinations in three cases it filed for,,, and

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[Updated] ICANN Sends Breach Notice to EuroDNS Over Facebook UDRP

ICANN threatens EuroDNS if it fails to transfer domain name to Facebook. ICANN has sent a Notice of Breach ( pdf ) to popular European domain name registrar EuroDNS for its failure to transfer a client domain name after an adverse UDRP decision. In September 2010 a EuroDNS client lost a UDRP for (with one ‘o’), which is certainly a common typo for the popular social network. As of today the domain name is still in the client’s hands.

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Panelist Blasts Credit Europe Bank for “Flagrant Abuse” of UDRP

Lawyer states that his client’s interests are more important than domain owner’s, so they should get the domain name. A World Intellectual Property Organization domain arbitration panelist has some harsh words for Credit Europe Bank and lawyer Novagraaf Nederland after it brought a case against the owner of The registrant of got the domain name in 2003, several years before Credit Europe Bank started trading under the Credit Europe name

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DevHub Launches Latest Web Builder Release

Company targets niche enthusiasts with latest release. Last Monday I made a quick stop at DevHub ’s offices in Seattle before heading to the DomainTools open house . From the moment I walked in to the office it was clear that people hadn’t been getting much sleep there. The company just launched the latest version of its easy-to-use web site creator and there have been a lot of sleepless nights getting it into production. Most notable in the new version is a change in the marketing pitch.

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Know Your Client Before You Sign the Contract (Search Engine Journal)

Businesses that are looking for a vendor often spend a lot of time and energy researching and meeting with various different companies to make sure they make a selection that meets their needs.

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Users Accepting Snapnames Rebate Sign Away Right to Further Claims

In the recently admitted “halvarez” scandal where an employee placed bids in Snapnames domain auctions against company policy, the company has started to email details on the offered rebates – you can find a de-personalized copy of the email after the jump.

By |November 6th, 2009|Recent Domain News|0 Comments Sells for $600,000

Sedo and - leaders in aftermarket domain name sales - have joined together to sell for $600,000. “After realizing that the domain my client was interested in,, was scheduled to be part of Rick Latona’s upcoming auction,” said Tessa Holcomb of Sedo .com, “I worked closely with David Clements at Rick Latona Auctions to reach a mutually beneficial agreement for the buyer and seller. Collaborating efforts with David on this acquisition was a pleasure.” It was the first time the two industry leaders have partnered on a sale

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Li Ka Shing – World’s 16th Richest Man – Linked to Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

Li Ka Shing, the 16th richest man in the world with $16.2 billion, has been linked to an unusual case of reverse domain name hijacking. Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited and Cheung Kong Property Development Limited of Hong Kong (the “Complainant”), two companies owned by Li Ka Shing, were found guilty in a WIPO domain name dispute for Attempted Reverse Domain Name Hijacking over the international domain name (IDN) 長江.com - which is owned and operated by Netego DotCom of Edmonton (the “Respondent”), who was represented by the Muscovitch Law Firm

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