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US Laws Remain Set to Govern Upcoming Multilingual Internet via New gTLDs

U.S. laws remain set to govern the coming multilingual internet through ICANN’s new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) yet the ramifications of this fact if you are Chinese, Arab, Indian, Russian or other are huge as ICANN published its 7th Applicant Guidebook in preparation for its board consideration on June 20th during the Singapore meeting.

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TRAFFIC Las Vegas 2010 Complete Auction Inventory

[news release] Latona’s Domain Brokerage & Auction House announces their full list of domain names that will be hitting the auction block this coming Friday at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Las Vegas.  The Premium Live Auction will be Friday,  January 22, 2010.  it will start at 4:00pm PST and end around 7:00pm PST.  The Latona’s Extended Auction will begin on January 23 and go until January 29

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DR Congo president commits to peace, livelihood (People’s Daily)

The president of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo), Joseph Kabila Kabange, promised in his New Year message to improve the social conditions of the Congolese people. “I would wish to reaffirm another challenge that will get more of our attention in the coming year: the improvement of the social conditions of our people especially in the domains of education and health, water and …

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Time for a Pity Party? Sorry, No Time for That in This Business!

The past couple of days I’ve talked about improving sales in the domain aftermarket this month. Maybe it is just the coming of spring, nature’s time for rebirth after a long winter, but I feel the buzz of activity in almost every corner of the industry this month (would someone please wake PPC up!). Here’s what I’m talking about….

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