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Freedom of Speech: a Concept Not Limited to Yankees

by Paul Keating I have been increasingly frustrated with the apparent continuous attempts by panelists to find ways to grant UDRPs involving gripe sites. While unable to make much headway in UDRPs involving US respondents, panelists have regularly eroded the concept of free speech using domain names finding in many cases that the concept is “limited” to the US. The result is that the “US” approach is no longer a clear majority view. Every once in awhile I see an enlightened panel decision

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Informal Working Group Publish Report On New TLDs (CircleID)

In an interesting move several members of the ICANN community formed an “informal” Working Group to discuss the concept of “expressions of interest” in new Top-Level Domains (TLDs). This all happened very quickly, which is more or less the opposite to how most ICANN related activities progress.

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