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Those Zuccarini Domains on NameJet? They Sold for $302k in April.

Buyer in April auction turns to NameJet to sell domain names. So why are these John Zuccarini domain names suddenly showing up on NameJet? Whomever picked them up at auction in April is trying to make a quick flip. The auction on April 8 attracted three bidders. After 45 minutes, one bidder walked away with the entire lot of domain names for a grand total of $302,000 according to court records

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Latona’s to Auction Off Remaining Zuccarini Domains at TRAFFIC

Domain names will be auctioned off at TRAFFIC in October if court approves. Assuming court approval, Rick Latona has scored a coup by getting rights to auction off the remaining domain names owned by John Zuccarini to satisfy a court judgment and U.S. tax lien. After losing a cybersquatting case to Office Depot, Zuccarini’s domain names were handed to a receiver. That receiver has had his share of challenges, including letting some of the domain names expire

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Zuccarini Sues NameJet, eNom, VeriSign, and Network Solutions

Lawsuit filed after expired domains sold on NameJet. John Zuccarini has filed a complaint ( pdf ) against NameJet, eNom, VeriSign, and Network Solutions in U.S. District Court over the transfer and auctioning of a number of his domain names.

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