court sues owner of owner has claimed stole his business idea. Neighborhood social networking site has sued the owner of — but this isn’t a simple allegation of cybersquatting.

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Embassy of Libya Loses Anti-Cybersquatting Domain Name Lawsuit – Defendant Keeps Domains

The Embassy of Libya loses domain name lawsuit for domains allegedly containing trademarked terms.

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Unlike UDRP, Nominet doesn’t want your .uk disputes to go to court

Nominet says court decision validates its dispute resolution service. Nominet is celebrating a decision by the High Court (a senior court in England) upholding a decision reached in its Dispute Resolution Service for the domain In its opinion, the court ruled: Looking at the scheme as a whole, it was apparently intended to create a self-contained dispute resolution mechanism which is closely regulated, cheap, quick and (apparently) efficient

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Receiver asks for typo domains to be confiscated from Apple and others

Receiver wants ICANN to reverse domain transfers.

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Class Action Lawsuit Against Google For Ads On Parked Domains Turned Down

paidContent reports the lawsuit brought against Google in 2008 over quality of ads showing on parked or error message web pages has been thrown out by the court.

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Receiver: “ICANN thumbing its nose at the Court”, asks court fo find ICANN in contempt

Them’s fightin’ words! Well this is getting interesting. Earlier this month a Texas court ordered ICANN to stay a UDRP case for ICANN responded by saying that it had no authority to stay a UDRP proceeding and that the court had no jurisdiction to order it to do so. The court disagreed

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Texas court claims jurisdiction over ICANN and says ICANN can stay a UDRP proceeding

An interesting case from a Texas court.

By |December 20th, 2011|Recent Domain News|Comments Off We Don’t Owe Monte Cahn Anything for $13M Management Incentive Plan requests summary judgment on claim it owes Moniker founder money under incentive plan. It’s been a busy week full of filings in the case of Monte Cahn v. Monte is suing his former employer on a number of counts, including alleging that he’s owed money under a $13 million Management Incentive Plan (MIP). The most notable filing is’s request yesterday for summary judgment on Monte’s claim of breach of contract under the $13 million plan

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Court Grants Motion to Dismiss in Monte Cahn Lawsuit

Court grants’s Motion to Dismiss several claims brought by former employee Monte Cahn. A U.S

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Court Rules Pothead Can’t Change Name to a Domain Name

I won’t be changing my personal name to anytime soon. Here’s an interesting court decision handed down by the Court of Appeal in California. Robert Edward Forchion, Jr., a self proclaimed “dedicated marijuana lover”, wanted to change his statutory name to

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You May Have Missed Some Big Domain Name News Last Week

If you missed these stories, take a look.

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Court Wants Explanation for Conflict of Interest over TRAFFIC Auction

Court asks for explanation, but it’s probably a moot point anyway. United States District Judge Susan Illston has asked DS Holdings and The United States to file a response to accusations that auctioning off domains previously held by John Zuccarini at a TRAFFIC auction would be a conflict of interest. Zuccarini complained to the court that this would be a conflict of interest since TRAFFIC co-organizer Howard Neu once represented him in the cybersquatting lawsuit that led to the judgment for which the domains would be auctioned. The order states: DS Holdings and the United States have moved to authorize auction of the domain names and distribution of the auction proceeds. In opposing the motion, Zuccarini asserts that the proposed auction site, the T.R.A.F.F.I.C

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Court Rules in Cybersquatting Case, Could Affect Domain Owners case ruling could affect domain owners. A United States District Court ruling in a case between Gregory Ricks and BMEZine over the domain name has some interesting implications for domain name owners. (For background on the case, see Ricks Files Lawsuit to Retain Control of ) Without getting into all the details of what was argued, here are some of the court’s decisions ( large pdf ) worth noting: 1. The court held that a re-registration of a domain name is a “registration” for the purposes of the Anti-Cybersquatting Protection Act.

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Woops! Court Appointed Receiver Lets Zuccarini Domains Expire, Auctioned Off on NameJet

Domains that were part of legal judgment are accidentally auctioned off. Congratulations Michael Berkens, you’ve just uncovered a big mess by accident. On May 25, Berkens wrote about the auctioning off of on NameJet for $53,022. The story also mentions other expired domains that sold on NameJet at the same time, such as for $4,950, for $3,950, for $2,750, and $2,500

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Partner Communications Announces It Received a Lawsuit and a Motion for Its Recognition as a Class Action

ROSH HAAYIN, Israel----Partner Communications Company Ltd.

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‘Fast tracking’ domain name and trade mark disputes in Australia

A recent Australian Federal Court 'Fast Track List' decision confirmed that use of a trade mark in a domain name, along with use of the trade mark on associated web sites, can constitute trade mark infringement.

By |April 15th, 2010|Recent Domain News|0 Comments Dirt: Inside Details of What Went Wrong with

New dirt on exposed in court filings. Documents filed in a bankruptcy case involving owner Escom, LLC, provide intriguing details into who actually owns and what went wrong with the company.

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Another French City Loses Fight for Geo Domain Name

Tignes loses domain name dispute for Ah, France. Beautiful vistas, tasty food, and governments that think they have all rights to their city names. Following in the footsteps of Paris, Tignes has lost a UDRP for the domain name Commune de Tignes originally filed a complaint against the domain owners in Tribunal de grande instance de Lyon (French Court), arguing that the domain name infringed the Complainant’s figurative trademark TIGNES

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