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2010 Domain Name Wire Survey Concludes Thursday

Time is running out to give your thoughts on the domain name industry. The response period for the 5th annual Domain Name Wire Survey concludes Thursday at midnight, Central Standard Time. Make your voice heard as you give your important opinion on these topics: -Which domain name registrar is best -Where the value of domain names is headed -The best domain research/management software -The most important factors when selecting a domain name registrar -How ICANN is doing -What the biggest story in the domain industry was in 2009 -Who the most influential person is in the industry -Which domain parking company is best As a thank you, five respondents will receive a free copy of David Kesmodel’s “The Domain Game” book.

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Inside "The Domain Game" – What David Kesmodel Went Through to Get His Book Published

David Kesmodel had to overcome a string of obstacles to get “The Domain Game” into print. He tells DN Journal how he managed to keep the book alive after the original publisher bailed out, what he would do differently if he had a second chance and what the domain industry can do to clean up its image.

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