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M.I.T. Takes Dim View of New gTLDs – Former ICANN Chair Sees No Benefits Whatsoever

Though they are essentially a done deal the debate over new gTLDs continues with M.I.T.’s prestigious Technology Review coming down hard on the anti-new gTLD side in a new article today titled “ICANN’s Boondoggle.” One of the harshest critics of the new gTLD program is the first Board Chairperson ICANN ever had.

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Ground Truth: Lack of Standardization Around Mobile Web Conventions Presents Hurdles for Mobile Publishers

Since the inception of the mobile Web, there has been no clear consensus around how the various mobile Web domains: “m.”, “wap.”, “.mobile” and “.mobi” should be used. In the first census-level analysis of mobile Web domains, Ground Truth today offers hard facts to inform this debate, finding a cacophony rather than a consensus: no single naming convention has emerged to adequately optimize …

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SIDN Announces Changes to .NL Policy

SIDN have announced the outcomes of the 2008 Domain Name Debate including the recently introduced new rules for non-Dutch registrants on the use of a Dutch domicile address that was implemented back in October. Changes include a reduction in the amount of Whois data made available, ability to reserve a .NL domain name and dropping the requirement for a registrar to verify a registrant’s identity.

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