World’s Shortest UDRP Decision?

This UDRP decision is missing a few details. I was curious about a recent National Arbitration Forum case for and clicked over to read the opinion granting the domain name to Boston Opera House Ventures, L.L.C. The decision is exactly 185 words (about the size of my typical blog post) and seems to cut out everything between the parties to the last sentence or two of bad faith. A cut and paste job gone awry?

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Is This the Worst UDRP Domain Dispute Analogy Ever?

Now this is just stupid. I just finished reviewing the details of Tata Communications’ case against Portmedia Inc. for the domain name The facts of the case are fairly clear: the domain name was registered well before Tata Communications started using the term TrueRoots.

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Mozy Backs Up Domain Names with WIPO Win

Online backup service wins one domain — with another case pending. Online backup service Mozy, a Decho service owned by EMC, has picked up the domain name through arbitration at World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

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