Demand Media CEO’s Tweet Volume Hinted at IPO Filing

CEO slowed down tweeting in months leading up to IPO filing. What’s a sign that a company is getting ready to file its S-1 to go public? Check out the CEO’s tweet volume. Such was the case with Demand Media CEO Richard Rosenblatt

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Demand Media Investigating IPO with the help of Goldman Sachs

According to an article in the Financial Times , Demand Media has hired Goldman Sachs to explore an initial public offering. The company, founded by the former chairman of Myspace, Richard Rosenblatt, owns registrars eNom , BulkRegister , parking company Hotkeys and operates the NameJet drop catching site in partnership with Network Solutions. Aside from owning a domain portfolio, which includes a large number of expired domain names, the company also runs a user generated content production service called Demand Studios . The content is then published on Demand’s websites, such as eHow

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In Demand (Part 2): How the Domain Business Can Benefit from Demand Media

What Demand Media can do for the domain name business. [This is the second part of a two-part story on Demand Media. See part one here .] For many years, Demand Media has been a mystery to the domain name industry

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In Demand: How Demand Media is Profiting from Web Content

Inside Demand Media’s scalable and profitable online content business. [This is part one of a two part story on Demand Media.] I have a confession to make. Last decade I made a lot of money producing crappy content. It started with systems that auto-generated thousand page web sites by scraping search engines. This worked great for a while; at one point I was making over a thousand dollars a day from placing Google Adsense on my web sites

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