ICANN’s Peter Dengate Thrush Problem

Conflict of interest, whether real or imagined, looks bad for ICANN as it faces fresh criticism over its new TLD plans. ICANN has a problem. As criticism mounts against its approval of the new top level domain name program, some groups are pointing fingers at an inherent conflict of interest. The key example is former ICANN Chairman of the Board Peter Dengate Thrush

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Peter Dengate Thrush Discusses His New Role with Top Level Domain Holdings

Peter Dengate Thrush and Antony Van Couvering discuss future of TLDH. Yesterday former ICANN Chairman Peter Dengate Thrush announced he was joining Top Level Domain Holdings (parent company of Minds + Machines) as Executive Chairman. I just got off the phone with Dengate Thrush, who explained why he chose Top Level Domain Holdings. “It was a no brainer for me,” said Dengate Thrush about choosing to work with TLDH.

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