A UDRP First? Case Filed Against Directory on a Domain Name

As if a flimsy trademark wasn’t enough… It’s bad enough that Romantic Tours, Inc.

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How Search Rankings Boost Domain Name Sales

Getting your domain names in search engines boosts chances for selling to end users. I’ve written before about how I am using Octane360 to monetize a number of my long tail geo domains (e.g. In addition to creating a new revenue stream on my domain names in the form of directory listing sales, there’s another benefit to creating web sites using Octane360 and similar site building systems: it helps you sell your domain names. How often does someone contact you from your domain name “inquire about this domain” link and submit an offer on your domain?

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An Open Letter to YellowBook

One more reason to hate Yellowbook. Dear Yellowbook: Today you littered my neighborhood. You left yellow bags with your directories in them at each home

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Common WordPress SEO Mistakes and How To Fix Them

WordPress is an excellent tool for publishing websites and blogs. This widely used CMS software does alot of great things like creating posts, pages and tags with clean URLs, linking everything internally and generating valid code.

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