Will Security Worries Propel DNS Into the Cloud?

Security on the Internet's Domain Name System will be tightened today, with the addition of digital signatures and public-key encryption to the root zone. But will the deployment of DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) prompt more enterprises to outsource their DNS operations?

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VeriSign DNSSEC Interoperability Lab Welcomes Brocade, A10 Networks and BlueCat Networks in Industry Effort to Improve Security Across the Internet

VeriSign, the trusted provider of Internet infrastructure services for the networked world, announced that Brocade, A10 Networks and BlueCat Networks are participating in the DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) Interoperability Lab.

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DNSSEC comes to .org domains

Lawrence Latif THE INQUIRER The first step to securing the DNS system THE .ORG INTERNET NEIGHBORHOOD has become the first generic top-level domain (TLD) to deploy domain name system security extensions (DNSSEC), though only a small clutch of registrars have signed up to the system so far. DNSSEC is seen to be the first step in securing the domain name system (DNS) against security threats that ...

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Annual Report 2009 of DNS BE

DNS BE has recently released its 2009 annual report .At the end of 2009 ,the total number of .be domain names was 978,000,representing a net increase of 14 per cent .

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ICANN Leader Calls for Greater International Cooperation in Addressing Internet Security

Defending the Internet's Domain Name System (DNS) against attacks by "miscreants with malicious intent" requires increased international cooperation and objective data, according to the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

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Afilias Launches FlexDNS DNS Platform with AXFR and API Management Options

June 17, 2010 -- Internet infrastructure services provider Afilias has expanded its managed Domain Name System services with the availability of its new FlexDNS Platform, providing Afilias DNS customers with new options for managing their DNS over Afilias network.

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Preventing DNS Strain When You Deploy DNSSEC

The barriers to DNSSEC adoption are quickly disappearing. There are nearly 20 top-level domains that have already deployed DNSSEC including generic TLDs like .org and .gov. This July, the DNS root will also be signed, and will begin publishing validatable DNSSEC queries.

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April 2010 DNS-CERT Operational Requirements & Collaboration Analysis ready for community consideration

ICANN opened a public comment period on the April 2010 DNS-CERT Operational Requirements and Collaboration Analysis Workshop Report. In advance of the ICANN Brussels meeting, ICANN is seeking comments on the potential requirements identified in the workshop report, DNS Security response gaps.

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The Extent of DNS Services Being Blocked in China

The most recent episode of The Ask Mr. DNS Podcast offers up some disturbing corroborating evidence as to the extent of DNS filtering and outright blocking occurring in China.

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More Stepping Stones Before This Summer’s Seminal DNSSEC Events

The deployment of Domain Security Extensions (DNSSEC) has crossed another milestone this month with the publication of DURZ (deliberately unvalidatable root zone) in all DNS root servers on 5 May 2010.

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Zone File Glitch Shuts Down Millions of .DE Domains

According to TLDSource.com and The Register large parts of the .DE zone file went missing today from 1:30 pm to roughly 2:50 pm. The error shut down potentially over 13 million domains names tied to websites and email addresses using the German domain name extension. Speculation to the cause of the outage centers around the theory that the zone files may have been uploaded with no data.  TLD Source also speculates on their site that the DENIC infrastructure may be outdated . DENIC acknowledged the problem on their site (German) and will be providing more details.  In a statement on another mailing list found cited by The Register, DENIC stated :  “Several of the authoritative nameservers for the DE top level domain returned NXDOMAIN responses for a yet to be determined number of DE domains that existed in our registration database,” the post reads.

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Millions of .de Domains Unreachable For Hours

An anonymous reader writes "Due to an error on behalf of DENIC, the German DNS registrar for second-level .de domains, millions of .de domains fell over the edge (auf Deutsch) of the Internet today. The cause of this GAU (GröYter anzunehmender Unfall = maximum credible accident) is still unknown, as DENIC officials haven't answered any questions from journalists at the time of writing." Read ...

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DNS.BE Announces New General Manager

DNS.BE announced last week that Philip Du Bois is the new General Manager of DNS.BE. A news release from DNS.BE on the appointment is below.

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DNS.BE Announces New General Manager

DNS.BE announced last week that Philip Du Bois is the new General Manager of DNS.BE. A news release from DNS.BE on the appointment is below.

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First .emarat Arabic script domain name is live! by Jon Lawrence

The .emarat Arabic script Internationalised Domain Name (IDN) ccTLD for the United Arab Emirates has been entered into the DNS Root Zone and is therefore now resolving.

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People & Companies in the News: Directi’s Divyank Turakhia, Sedo, IDN Newsletter & DNS.com

Today in the Lowdown at DNJournal.com: 28-year-old Directi Co-Founder Divyank Turakhia is profiled on national TV in India, Sedo reports a surge in domain sales, IDN Newsletter operators Gary Males and Aaron Kravitz land a big deal with Register.com and Comwired Inc. reels in a monster domain name - DNS.com.

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First IDN ccTLDs Available

For the first time in the history of the Internet, non-Latin characters are being used for top-level domains. The first IDN country-code top-level domains were inserted in the DNS root zone .

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Philip Du Bois new DNS BE General Manager

Philip Du Bois yesterday took up his position as General Manager of DNS.be. He takes over the job from Jo Van Gorp, who was appointed manager ad interim after the departure of Marc Van Wesemael in October 2009.

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