2012 Impact Stories: Frank Schilling becomes a service provider

Schilling shakes up domain parking — and that’s not all he wants to do.

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Sedo reports earnings: domain parking still a drag, revenue down 18%

Sedo’s domain parking business continues to struggle. Sedo Holding just reported earnings ( pdf ) for the first three quarters of 2012, and the message is more of the same: domain parking is still a drag.

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Matt Cutts: don’t park your domain right before launching a web site

Cutts recommends taking down a parking page about a month before launching a new site. Google web spam czar Matt Cutts just published a video in which he asks himself a question (rather than taking it from the community): should I keep a domain name parked before I launch a web site? In short, Cutts says no

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How browser changes are making a dent in direct navigation traffic

Browser features change the way people navigate the web. Last week I wrote about how Sedo’s domain name parking business continues to struggle. The company cites a few reasons for the decline, including “advances made in browser technologies, which alters the circumstances surrounding monetization in the parking business”

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Sedo says domain parking continuing to decline, writes off EUR 57.1 million

Company says intense competition and overall decline in domain parking are hurting its business. Sedo Holding, which runs Sedo and affiliate marketing company Affilinet, recently released first half financial results. Last month I wrote about how Sedo had lowered expectations for domain parking.

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Why domain parking companies get named on “bad host” lists

Old data leads to parking companies landing on malware lists. Last October was named the “#1 Bad Host” by HostExploit, a group that compiles data about malware and other nefarious things on the web. It’s not the first time a domain parking company or registrar has been called out by HostExploit

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VeriSign blames domain monetization for lower renewal rate

Lower than usual renewal rate blamed on search engine changes.

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Facebook says real estate firm is cybersquatting on 30 domain names

30 domains include “facebook” in them. Facebook has filed a cybersquatting complaint against a San Diego area realty company, claiming that the company is cybersquatting on its famous mark. The complaint with National Arbitration Forum lists thirty total domain names that include the Facebook name andrew are registered to Pellegrino Realty in La Mesa, California: I spot checked a handful of these domains and it appears that Pellegrino registered many of these domains in 2007

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Google to let users “mute” remarketed ads

“Mute This Ad” on the way. Google is rolling out a new system to allow users to block certain ads from showing up as they surf the web, and it’s a very welcome feature. Over the past year the number of “remarketing” ads has exploded.

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Mike Song, an early employee, has returned to the company as an account manager. Song was hired by the company in 2003 after it launched the DomainSponsor domain parking service.

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Google to start showing more content and send less traffic to publishers

More data and answers to be displayed directly on If you do certain searches on Google related to air travel, currency and measurement conversions, definitions, and the weather, Google will show you the result on top of the search results. For example, here’s what I see when I search for “weather in Austin”: When you get your answer on itself you have no reason to go to a site in the search results for the answer

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Domain parking revenue still dropping, less than $10 RPM

That sinking feeling. Domain investors continue to report falling domain parking revenue, and most people report earning less than a $10 RPM.

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Four newcomers among Top 10 domain parking companies

Sedo is top parking company, but many newcomers rank in the top 10. Sedo and SedoPro are the top domain name parking companies according to respondents in Domain Name Wire’s 7th annual domain name industry survey

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HostExploit says is improving, making a case study

HostExploit applauds for fixing problems that landed it at top spot at recent “Bad Hosts” list.

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Apparently a lot of people have yet to switch to DNS parking

Google will cut you off at the end of the year. The “deadline” to change your domains parked on Google parking services from URL forwarding to DNS has passed, but apparently a lot of people haven’t made the switch yet

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Google tweaks algorithm to kick parked domains out of its index

Algorithm change designed to push parked domains out of index. Google released an update on new changes made to its algorithm today, and one of them is bad news for anyone who still manages to get their parked domain names in the search index. New “parked domain” classifier: This is a new algorithm for automatically detecting parked domains. Parked domains are placeholder sites that are seldom useful and often filled with ads

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Three additional parking companies added to domain rotation system. Domain name parking optimization system has integrated three new parking companies into its platform: Voodoo , ParkingCrew , and TheParkingPlace . It’s certainly interesting to see new parking companies pop up on the radar given all of the turmoil in industry; you could argue that these companies are appearing because of the challenges domainers face. Voodoo and ParkingCrew use standard pay-per-click ads whereas TheParkingPlace uses primarily affiliate programs to monetize domain names. ParkingCrew is a new service from Team Internet GmbH out of Germany

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Retail CPCs Up, Finance Clicks Cost Less

How are your parking pages doing? If you’ve noticed your finance parked domains are hitting headwinds lately, you won’t be surprised by new data released today by Efficient Frontier. Efficient Frontier, which manages some of the biggest pay-per-click spending in the industry, is reporting a sharp increase in the amount advertisers are paying for clicks in the retail industry. Finance has declined. The CPC for retail was 56 cents in October, up from just 46 cents in October 2010

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