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Domain Brokers: How to Choose One and What it Takes to Be a Successful One

A new Cover Story is out at DNJournal.com. We take a look at the rapidly expanding domain brokerage business to find out what attributes a domain seller should look for in a broker, what sellers can do to accelerate sales and what skills a person needs if they want to get into the domain brokerage business themselves.

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Mint Condition: How Domaining is Like Collecting Baseball Cards

There are many similarities between baseball card collecting and domain names. I suspect that many domainers collected sports cards growing up. There are a lot of similarities between baseball cards collecting and domaining. We like to show off our prized domains. We often gravitate toward certain themes, such as collecting four letter domains.

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Domain Price Fairy Tales are Hard to Kill

Myths about sales prices grow like weeds. With Sex.com hitting the auction block next week , mainstream media are in a tizzy writing about the auction of the “world’s most valuable domain name”. As usual, they’re comparing it to other big ticket domain sales. The only problem is that many of the sales they refer to have misleading sales figures. Consider The Huffington Post’s “ The 11 Most Expensive Domain Names Ever “.

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