Go Daddy Joins SedoMLS, Doors Open at DOMAINfest Today & 2011 Domain Sales Dissected

Today in the Lowdown at The SedoMLS Network announces a new partnership with registration giant Go Daddy, the doors open at the DOMAINfest Global conference in Santa Monica this afternoon and we break down 2011 domain sales data and ponder how much money lies beneath the tip of the sales iceberg.

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Microsoft will shut down 90,000 infected computers (The Sierra Vista Herald)

A U.S. judge has given Microsoft the green light to shut down 90,000 malware infected computers which are responsible for  nearly 1.5 billion spam emails per day, all part of the Waledec bot network. Along with the computers, Microsoft gets to close the doors on 277 Internet domains.

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"Zappy" Zapolin Unleashes Internet Warrior & New Video Captures Main Street View of Domainers

Mike "Zappy" Zapolin has opened the doors at where the widely respected domain investor/developer is offering his guide to web success. Also, a new YouTube video from T.R.A.F.F.I.C

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