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Confirmed: Netflix buys DVD.com

Netflix buys DVD.com domain name. [ Update : Netflix has confirmed its purchase of DVD.com. A spokesperson tells Domain Name Wire “Netflix cares about keeping DVD healthy, and this is just one small investment in keeping DVD healthy.”] The nameservers and registrant information for DVD.com just changed

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Tucows Donates Domain to Estate of Queen Rocker Freddie Mercury

Domain registrar gives domain to estate of Freddie Mercury. Tucows’ Yummy Names has donated the domain name FreddieMercury.com to the estate of the late lead singer of rock group Queen. An announcement on QueenOnline.com reads: In a recent act of fantastic generosity, domain registrar company Tucows Inc.

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Black Friday: Better and More Enjoyable on the Web

This year’s Black Friday made a major push to the web. I remember the first time I decided to brave the crowds for Black Friday, the official first shopping day of the holiday season. I had to drop my wife (girlfriend at the time) off at the airport for an early morning flight, so I decided I may as well stop in at the electronics store for a few deals.

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