Facebook and Apps vs. Domains

This debate never got heated during the NewDomains.org conference in Munich last month. One might speculate that it was largely because most in the audience and on the panel, support and believe in the existence of both.

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Facebook Recovers 14 Typo Domains That Were in Lawsuit

Defendants hand domain names over to Facebook. Facebook has recovered 14 Facebook.com domain name typos that were named in its massive cybersquatting lawsuit filed in July. The domain names were most recently using the PrivacyProtect.org whois masking service

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Company Sues Facebook Over New Timeline Feature, Says it Hijacked Its Username

Company claims trademark infringement and that Facebook hijacked its username. The Chicago company that owns Timelines.com and a federally registered trademark for “Timelines” has filed a trademark infringement suit ( pdf ) against Facebook over its new “Timeline” feature. According to the suit: Facebook has announced its intention to use and, indeed has already begun to re-direct Internet traffic, using Timelines’ federally registered “TIMELINES” trademark as the centerpiece of Facebook’s new product offering going forward, a move that, given the size and reach of Facebook, will essentially eliminate Timelines and leave the public with the confusing impression that plaintiff Timelines is somehow affiliated with Facebook

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A Domain Name Vs. The Web Underclass

Using a web service instead of managing your own domain name opens you to risk. I just finished reading Adrian Short’s editorial about Facebook’s Open Graph and I think domainers will find it interesting

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Facebook Registers FBPAC Domains Previously Owned by American Farm Bureau

Facebook makes intriguing domain registrations. Facebook has yet to settle an ongoing trademark dispute with American Farm Bureau despite paying millions to buy the FB.com domain name from it

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Top Domain Name Wire Stories of August 2011

Top 5 domain name news stories for the past month.

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Facebook Close to Settling Long Running Dispute Over “FB”

Facebook and American Farm Bureau may be close to settling FB trademark dispute. Facebook is getting close to settling a trademark dispute with American Farm Bureau over the mark “FB”. It all comes down to one sentence. The intriguing dispute started when Facebook filed a trademark application for “FB”. American Farm Bureau, a lobbying group for the agriculture industry, initiating proceedings with the U.S

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Are Domain Names Less Important?

Domain names are now competing for space. I received a catalog from Bissinger’s last week and thoroughly inspected the mailer (it’s great chocolate). What caught my attention was the back of the catalog. Take a look: What do you notice? 15 years ago this catalog would have probably just had a phone number

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Namecheap Uses Facebook Likes to Activate $1.99 Domain Deal

Namecheap offered an exclusive deal of $1.99 domains that was activated only when 5,000 new Likes were reached.Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 07, 2011 Namecheap, a leading domain name registrar, recently ran a successful promotion on Facebook that generated over 5,000 new fans to unlock a $1.99 coupon code for a new com/org/net domain name.

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Owner of Somedia.com Forced to Spend Thousands Defending Domain Name

UDRP was a waste of time and money. Here’s another example of a UDRP case that should have never been filed. A social media marketing firm that apparently just came into existence (or at least started using its brand) in 2010 filed a case against the owner of a domain registered in 2001.

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Trademarkia Gets Into Domain Names

Trademarkia adds domain name searching to its lineup. Trademark search engine and online service Trademarkia has entered the domain name business with a unique service

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Nooooooooooooooo.com, a Domain You’d Never Type In

A really long domain name but lots of traffic. My wife sent me a link to a funny single use site today, nooooooooooooooo.com . She included the accompanying note: “That’s clearly a domain name you link to. You’d never be able to type that in.” Yep, I’d say that’s a domain name that fails the radio test, spelling test, and just about every other cardinal rule of domain name selection. But the site gets tens of thousands of visits a month according to Compete.com

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Eva Longoria Adds .Org To Her Collection

Actress wins UDRP for EvaLongoria.org domain name. Actress Eva Longoria of Desperate Housewives fame has added the domain name EvaLongoria.com to her collection of domain names. Longoria won the domain name through an arbitration case with National Arbitration Forum. The domain name was registered to a Las Vegas company that forwarded the domain to an eBay search for the actress

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Panabee Helps Brainstorm Domain Names – But User Beware

Panabee is a good domain name generator but users should beware that some suggestions are bad ideas.

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Facebook Deals Launches Sans Domain Name

Facebook gets its deals on, but without FacebookDeals.com. Facebook formally launched its new deals offering today in five test cities (including my home town of Austin, Texas.) Here’s what I see when I go to Facebook.com/deals: One thing the social networking behemoth doesn’t have is the domain name FacebookDeals.com. That domain was registered way back in 2006 and has been protected by a whois proxy ever since

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[Updated] ICANN Sends Breach Notice to EuroDNS Over Facebook UDRP

ICANN threatens EuroDNS if it fails to transfer domain name to Facebook. ICANN has sent a Notice of Breach ( pdf ) to popular European domain name registrar EuroDNS for its failure to transfer a client domain name after an adverse UDRP decision. In September 2010 a EuroDNS client lost a UDRP for Facebok.com (with one ‘o’), which is certainly a common typo for the popular social network. As of today the domain name is still in the client’s hands.

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How Much Traffic Is Social Media Likely to Send Your Site? New Research Provides the Answer

Most domain industry bloggers are taking advantage of social media outlets like Facebook and/or Twitter to help drive traffic to their websites. No surprise there of course, but before now I had not seen a breakdown detailing what percentage of an average web publisher's traffic could be credited to their presence on social media sites.

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Ramon Nuez: Google Is Making You Into a Developer

Social media has turned many of us from content consumers into content producers. Tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Amplify have made the process...

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