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TD Bank files 15th complaint about .xxx

Only 15 UDRPs for .xxx after more than two months (but 15 rapid disputes). TD Bank has filed a UDRP for TDBank.xxx, making it the fifteenth entity to use UDRP in an effort to get control of a .xxx domain name. This seems like a relatively low number to me for a TLD that has been out for over two months.

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LivingSocial Files Its First Domain Name Complaint

Daily deals company goes after Irish domain name. Groupon competitor LivingSocial has filed its first ever domain name arbitration complaint. But it’s not for a typo of its main LivingSocial.com domain name. Instead, the company is going after the Irish domain name LivingSocial.ie.

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Things To Look For In a Web Hosting Company? (Slashdot)

v1x writes “I have had an account with my current web hosting company for a few years, with 3 domains being hosted there (using Linux/PHP/MySQL). Recently, all three of these websites stopped functioning, and upon checking the site, all my directory structures were intact, whereas all of the files were gone. Upon contacting their technical support, I was given the run-around, and later informed …

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