U.S. goverment just gave .com domain owners a $10.78 tax break

Cost of holding domain for six years decreases by as much as $10.78. Hey, don’t say the U.S.

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George Kirikos Uncovers 3 Sales Totaling Over $1.1 Million That Top New DNJ Sales Chart

The new weekly domain sales report is out at

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Amazon’s Quidsi lauches for natural products

Quidsi’s latest generic domain store: I’ve scooped a number of Quidsi store openings based on generic domains they’ve bought — from to But I missed this one: Quidsi just launched , a store with “natural products for green living”.

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Attempt to Silence Prominent ICANN Critic George Kirikos Fails as Legal Proceeding is Withdrawn

If you are a domain owner odds are you owe George Kirikos a thank you. His monitoring of ICANN matters have saved registrants a lot of money and heartache over the years. One former ICANN exec who Kirikos tackled went so far as to file a legal proceeding against him but that censorship attempt has failed.

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Seriously, Wooot the Hell? case needs proofreading; sheds light on UDRP panelist practices. Yesterday Elliot Silver wrote a post about the UDRP decision for .

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False Registration of Domains Leads to Severe Criminal Punishment in the U.S.

A story in Dallas that made headlines regarding a massive cyber-criminal ring that defrauded telecommunications companies of millions of dollars, has also shed some light on a little cited provision in US law that involves domain names. According to the Dallas Morning News , a group of 19 defendants were each charged with one count of conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud. According to court documents, the group used shell corporations, false identities, false representation and of course domain names to aid them in defrauding insurance companies, creditors, leasing companies, power companies and telecommunication companies  for over $15 million in goods and services. The false registration of domain names cited in Count 7 and 8 of the charges (page 51-2) states that defendant Matthew Norman Simpson and Michael Blaine Faulkner knowingly registered the domain names and with false contact information and used this domain name in the course of committing a felony. These counts can add a much more severe penalty to the overall charges that Simpson and Faulkner now face.

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Don’t Look Now But Variable Domain Pricing Is Rearing Its Ugly Head Again

George Kirikos, a veteran domainer and long-time ICANN observer, has spotted language in new gTLD contracts that could pave the way for Verisign to charge domain owners anything they want for .com and .net registrations or renewals - with prices depending on what Verisign decides individual domains are worth.

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