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.Green gets edge on .eco in new TLD priority draw

.Green draws are better overall, but that doesn’t mean it will come to market first. When ICANN planned “digital archery” to determine the order in which it would review top level domain applications, there was a benefit to applying for a domain other people were applying for: all applications would be moved up in the queue to the top spot in the contention set. You could say the opposite for the prioritization draw that happened yesterday

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Early .Green backer fights three other applicants for domain name

The green domain space gets crowded. Competition to run the top level domain .green is heating up (and heating up is not a word revered by the green community). Four companies have submitted applications to ICANN to run the domain name: DotGreen Community, Inc., Demand Media, Top Level Domain Holdings, and Afilias

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Tucows Handicaps the Chances of New TLDs Kicking Off In Singapore

Will the new TLD application process finally get approved next month? For a while it looked assured that the new top level domain name applicant guidebook would get the green light at ICANN’s meeting in Singapore this June. But then Lawrence Strickling, head of the NTIA, said he didn’t think this was possible unless ICANN got on board with government demands. So what does Tucows CEO Elliot Noss think the chances are

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Are Niche Domain Stores The Wave of the Future?

New topical online domain stores try a different tact to sell domain names. Most online domain name marketplaces are generic in nature, letting customers search or navigate to the category of their choosing. Does it make sense to have online marketplaces specific to a particular category, too?

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Google Makes it Easier to Tell Where Results Originate From (WebProNews)

Google has begun including geographical region information on some search results. The information is used when supplied by webmasters, and appears in the green address line on the results that include it. “Country-code top-level domains (or ccTLDs) can provide people with a quick and valuable clue about the location of a website—for example, “.fr” for France or “.co.jp” for Japan,” explains …

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