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“Free” .xxx domains with PornWords promotional credit

.xxx registry giving advertising credit to each registrant. ICM Registry announced this morning that it is offering a $75 advertising credit to existing .xxx domain owners and anyone who registers a domain by January 31.

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Domain sale roundup: Bankruptcy auction, .xxx, GreatDomains, and SnapNames

Some interesting domain offerings and auctions are on tap over the next 30 days. I’ve received a number of recent announcements regarding domains sales and auctions, and some of them are rather interesting.

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.XXX registry ups ante in online porn monopoly fight

ICM Registry files counterclaims against online adult entertainment giant. Is it possible to have a monopoly on online porn?

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.XXX Goes Live in the Root Servers

Earlier today IANA added the .XXX Top Level Domain to the root nameservers. While the registry operator Afilias is still in their setup process for ICM registry, the zone is currently propagating. While a number of registrars have already been taking pre-registrations, the actual timeline for the launch has not yet been published. The Sunrise [...]

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ICANN Moves Forward on .XXX

.XXX gets the yellow light at board meeting. The ICANN Board adopted a resolution yesterday that will allow ICM Registry’s application for .xxx to move forward. But it may not be a quick process, and a new can of worms will be opened allowing for another comment period on the actual registry contract. Here’s the resolution that was adopted: Whereas, ICANN’s General Counsel has completed the expedited due diligence regarding ICM Registry, as directed by the Board, and has concluded that ICM has represented that its Application for the .XXX sTLD is still current and that there have been no negative changes in ICM’s qualifications

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.XXX Poll Hits Front Page of CNN.com

Possible new top level domain name gets even more exposure. If you’re ICM Registry, you couldn’t ask for better publicity for the .xxx top level domain name: CNN has a poll on its home page asking people “Do you think pornographic websites should have their own “.xxx” domain?” So far a whopping 272,555 have voted in the poll. 83% have answered “Yes”

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This Week, Another Chance to Act on .XXX and What it Means for New gTLDs

ICANN’s actions on .xxx go well beyond this one top level domain. ICANN’s Board of Directors will once again consider what to do with the .xxx top level domain name during its board meeting at the culmination of the Brussels meeting this week. More than just a decision on a mistake ICANN made long ago, this will act as a bellwether on the new top level domain process. Why? It will show us how much of a stomach ICANN has for controversy when it comes to introducing new TLDs in the next round

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Adult Trade Organization to Lobby Against .XXX sTLD at ICANN Meeting

While everyone involved in ICANN topics is gearing up to fly to Brussels for the 38th ICANN meeting , the travelers are joined by the Free Speech Coalition ’s (FSC, trade organization of the adult industry) Executive Director Diane Duke and FSC Board Vice President Tom Hyme. The two are attending the ICANN meeting to lobby against a potential approval of the .XXX sTLD by ICANN’s board. “I am honored to be going to Brussels with Diane,” said Hymes, who traveled to Wellington in 2005 for the same purpose. “The fact that so much time has gone by has done nothing to diminish the dangers posed by dot XXX

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Religious Group: Pray for Rod Beckstrom, Kill Porn Domain

Comment period for .xxx is getting out of control At first it was silly .

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If ICANN Were a Democracy…

Comments overwhelmingly opposed to .xxx. But that doesn’t answer the question about what ICANN should do.

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“No Porn!” Shout Families to ICANN

Anti-porn group mobilized against .xxx. If ICANN is supposed to include the thoughts of the greater internet community, it is certainly getting its wish

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ICM Registry Hopes to Offer .XXX Domains This Year

Registry wants to offer name.xxx later this year. After winning an independent review against ICANN for denying ICM Registry’s application for a .xxx top level domain name, the registry says it hopes to begin offering .xxx domain names later this year

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