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Register.com IDN Sale Nets $5k in an Hour

IDN Newsletter gets strong start with Register.com domains. Register.com recently did a deal with IDN Newsletter to sell its portfolio of company-owned internationalized domains names. IDN Newsletter is similar to other domain sales newsletters except, well, it only includes IDNs. IDN Newsletter informs us that it sold over $5,000 worth of Register.com’s IDN names today within the first hour of its Register.com mailing. Top sales include: 整体.com $2,000 Body Work, Japanese 债券.com $2,500 Bonds, Chinese אמא.com $975 Mom, Hebrew The domains Register.com is selling through IDN Newsletter have standard Latin-script top level domains and use other scripts for the second level domain name

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IDNs: The Next Horizon for GeoDomain Investors

by Aaron Krawitz, Gary Males & Patrick Carleton [ Editor’s note: this is a guest article about the potential of IDN geo domain names. ] We’ve long been believers in GeoDomains and continue to be on the lookout for new and lucrative niches, which is why we have each individually made substantial investments in IDN GeoDomains. With the fog of uncertainty finally lifting over IDNs, now is the ideal time for for geo investors to stake a claim in IDNs where the window of opportunity is quickly closing. For years, antagonists of non-latin IDNs have focused on the premise that the part to the right of the dot was still in English

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