DOMAINfest Announces Party Venues for Next Year’s L.A. Conference

A trip to an automotive museum and House of Blues.

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People & Events in the News: Sai Pola, Playboy Mansion Illness, Juan Calle & David Harry

It has been a busy few days here so I've had a few items pile up on my desk that I wanted to share with you as we head into a new week. This rundown of People and Events in the News includes Sai Pola at, a Playboy Mansion Illness Update, .CO's Juan Calle and a new blog from Australian domain investor David Harry.

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Health Officials on Playboy Mansion: H1N1, Credit Blogs and Social Media

Health officials say H1N1 infected DOMAINfest attendees and evaluates role of social media in responding to outbreak. We go to domain conferences. Health officials go to Centers for Disease Control conferences. You can imagine these events as rather dull.

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