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ClickBank Cracks Down on Questionable Sales Practices

Payment processor and affiliate network changes guidelines for promoting products using its services. I’ve had a ClickBank account for over a decade. In college I used Clickbank to sell thousands of dollars worth of product a month. But over the past decade it seems there’s been a race to the bottom in info product pitches, especially in the “make money online” category. And ClickBank is home to a lot of them

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CX.CC Providing Free Domains and Support for Internet Marketers and Online Entrepreneurs

CX.CC has launched a complete program of products and services aimed to help internet marketers and online entrepreneurs succeed. This is a one stop shop, internet services portal, for professional services including Free Domains, Free Hosting, Free DNS, Free Whois Tool, Free/Paid Advertising in the exclusive CX.CC Marketplace, SEO, Affiliate Program, Premium Domains, and Internet Marketing …

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SLIDETV.com, Inc. Declares Victory in Domain Name Dispute with Slide, Inc.

SLIDETV(R).com, Inc. today declared victory in its domain name dispute with Slide, Inc. in what has been described as a modern day David vs. Goliath story. The Redwood City, California-based internet marketing company now plans to turn the drama into a feature film called SLIDETV – THE MOVIE.

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