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No Grand Theft Domain: Take-Two Interactive Loses Battle over BioShock.com

Video game publisher loses arbitration for BioShock.com domain name. Take-Two Interactive Software, publishers of the Grand Theft Auto series and BioShock, have lost a domain name arbitration case to get the domain name BioShock.com. Take-Two filed for a trademark on BioShock back in 2005 on an intent-to-use basis, and first used the mark in commerce in 2007 according to USPTO filings. But the company claimed there was online chatter about the release of a new game called BioShock prior to Frank Schilling’s Name Administration acquiring the domain name in 2005. Furthermore, consumer products company Johnson & Johnson had contacted Schilling about the domain name prior to the complaint when J & J filed a trademark for BioShock for other purposes, which was ultimately abandoned.

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Baby Product Company Wins “Gamble”, Gets 4 Character Domain from FMA

Company wins BiBi.com domain name at arbitration. Lamprecht AG, which sells a line of baby products under the BiBi name, has won the domain name BiBi.com from Future Media Architects through Uniform domain-name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP)

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Baby Products Company Challenges “Working Mother of 5″ Over Domain Name

Munchkin fights woman who incorporated “Munchkins” in her domain name. Baby products company Munchkin has lost its attempt to get the domain name MamasandMunchkins.com from a “working mother of 5 small children”. Munchkin, which operates at the web site Munchkin.com, argued that Teri VanDerLaan’s domain name “fully incorporates” Munchkin’s trademark

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