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Martin Gardner: A Major Shaping Force in My Life

Editor’s Note: Douglas Hofstadter gave permission to Scientific American to post this essay in light of the death of Martin Gardner, who wrote the magazine’s “Mathematical Games” column for 25 years and published more than 70 books. Gardner died May 22, at 95. I’ve been trying to reconstruct how I first encountered Martin Gardner . It may have happened in 1959, when at age 14 I happened to visit …

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Vail Relationships: How to improve your personal strengths

VAIL, Colorado – What are your greatest personal strengths? I’m referring to personal traits and characteristics that parents might wish for in their newborn, such as industry, honesty, integrity, kindness and the like. Following are a list of personal strengths, beautifully articulated by Martin Seligman in his book “Authentic Happiness.” Curiosity/interest in the world

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Automotive still a solid opportunity for EDA, says Mentor exec

As EDA searches for opportunities to generate more revenues from outside the semiconductor industry, Martin O’Brien, general manager, Integrated Electrical Systems Division of Mentor Graphics Corp., highlighted automotive and said the trend is likely to continue with the advent of hybrid and electric vehicles.

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Drop Wizard Gordon Martin Puts All of His Chips on Country Code Domains

Drop Wizard Gordon Martin is back in the saddle. After closing his popular drop catching service in 2004 he quietly switched his focus from .com to country code domains and now he has rolled out a new business centered entirely around ccTLDs.

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