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Sedo Hires Researcher Behind IDNX

Pricing researcher to work for domain name marketplace. After working with researcher Thies Lindenthal to create domain pricing index IDNX , Sedo has decided to bring him on as its Product Manager for Domain Pricing. In a press release, Lindenthal said: I am thrilled to combine my passions for the domain market and real estate research at Sedo,” said Lindenthal. “I look forward to continuing work on IDNX, and to bringing my research to Sedo in order to develop transparent, industry-leading domain pricing services for the marketplace

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Will New gTLDs Be Successful? Distribution Will Be Key.

by Ken Hansen, Neustar [A big hurdle for new top level domains is getting attention as potentially hundreds of competitors are launched concurrently in the near future. In this guest post Ken Hansen, Senior Director of Business Development at Neustar, explains that getting good distribution from domain registrars is key. Neustar Registry Services operates the global registry for .biz and .us and provides back-end registry services for .co, .tel and .travel. -Andrew] Will new gTLDs will be successful? The answer I’ve always given is, “yes and no” and, “it depends on how you define success”

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