.Mobi Turns Five

Mobile domain reaches five year anniversary. Five years ago yesterday .Mobi launched its landrush period, officially opening the doors to what would become a wild roller coaster for domain investors. Remember I quickly came full circle on .mobi.

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Two End Users Buy 3 Letter Domain Names

Energy company and bank invest in better domain names. There’s little better than owning a nice, short domain name for your company. It’s part of the reason I sprung for Within the past couple weeks two different end users have purchased three letter domains of their own

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1 % of the World’s Internet Users use OpenDNS

OpenDNS announced recently that about one percent of the world's internet users now use OpenDNS.This means that more than 18 million users wanted the networks safer ,faster and smarter.

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Canadian Input About .Bank Shows Complications of International Internet

Canadian regulator questions .bank top level domain name. There are many challenges to introducing new top level domain names

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