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Book review: Domain Names Rewired

New book discusses the potential of more top level domain names. Before reading Domain Names Rewired, a new book by Jennifer Wolfe and Anne Chasser, I knew I was going to have two challenges with the book. First, I knew I’d disagree with many of the supposed benefits of new top level domains that the authors would espouse.

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TRAFFIC Vancouver Schedule Posted with $395 Admission

Details for Vancouver conference are posted, but is the price a typo? [Update: looks like I scooped Latona by a few minutes.] The Targeted TRAFFIC web site has been updated with the preliminary agenda for next month’s conference in Vancouver. There’s a nice surprise on the registration page for the web site — $395 admission . A typo?

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A pioneering Czech academic explores how our native tongue influences the way we see the world

What goes on in our mind when we learn a foreign language? Why do we find it so much harder than learning our mother tongue? And what can we do to make the often painful process of learning languages easier? These are just a few of the questions that have long fascinated the Czech psycholinguist Barbara Schmiedtová.

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Google’s Brilliant Move: Not Buying NexusOne.com Domain Name

By not buying NexusOne.com, Google reinforces the power of Google search over direct navigation. Over the past few days I’ve read numerous stories by my peers suggesting that Google messed up by not registering the NexusOne.com domain name prior to launching its new phone initiative. My initial reaction was the same. But I quickly changed my mind: not acquiring the domain name was actually a smart move. Brilliant .

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DNW Radio: Rick Latona Discusses TRAFFIC Conference

DNW Radio interviews Rick Latona about the upcoming TRAFFIC Conference. It’s hard to believe, but the next domain name conference is next month. This will be the second TRAFFIC conference organized by Rick Latona, but the first under his multi-year licensing agreement with TRAFFIC’s founders Rick Schwartz and Howard Neu.

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