What are the top domains used for spam?

It's likely that most will expect domains belonging to popular web-based e-mail services are at the top of the list for the mountains of spam we receive everyday. That's not the case: the most common spam domains according to Chelmsford, Mass.-based security firm AVG are social networks

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BREAKING: First Ever Criminal Prosecution for Domain Name Theft Underway

Over the years hundreds of stories of domain name theft have been reported, most famous among them of course is the theft of  Even as recent as last week, reports of stolen domains sent a chilling reminder through the domain industry as valuable domains, and others were stolen from Warren Weitzman . Until recently, there hasn’t been a case of a domain theft where the thief was caught and arrested. However, on July 30th, Daniel Goncalves was arrested at his home in Union, New Jersey and charged in a landmark case, the first criminal arrest for domain name theft in the United States.

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