ICANN approves plan to vastly expand top-level domains

Do you find the reliance on things like .com, .net, and .org too restrictive? Haven't found a country code that floats your boat? ICANN, the organization responsible for managing the domain name system, has decided that it's time for a more flexible system for managing the top-level domains that help translate IP addresses into human-readable form

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Want a New gTLD? Some Items to Consider

Over three years ago ICANN boldly announced that the top level of the domain name system would be opened up to new registry operators. As we now approach a likely spring 2011 launch, a number of key issues remain unresolved including how trademarks will be protected.

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DNSSEC comes to .org domains

Lawrence Latif THE INQUIRER The first step to securing the DNS system THE .ORG INTERNET NEIGHBORHOOD has become the first generic top-level domain (TLD) to deploy domain name system security extensions (DNSSEC), though only a small clutch of registrars have signed up to the system so far. DNSSEC is seen to be the first step in securing the domain name system (DNS) against security threats that ...

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Hundreds of top-level domains? One big headache for businesses (e-Consultancy)

ICANN, the private, non-profit governing body that oversees, amongst other things, the domain name system, is mulling a plan that would accelerate the introduction of hundreds of new top-level domains (TLDs).

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OpenDNSSec to help secure domain name system

New open source software has been launched today designed to drive the adoption of DNSSec, the mechanism security experts are saying is vital to ensuring the future security of the domain name system (DNS) and therefore the internet.

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