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Why Does the Press Insist on Quoting eBay Starting Prices for Domain Names?

Press perpetuates silly domain prices and negative view of domain investing. Perhaps it makes for easy filler. But why must the press always quote outlandish starting prices for domain names on eBay? Whenever there’s a celebrity scandal, big news story, or product launch, it seems that many writers need something to grab onto that has a number in it. “A seller is auctioning off TigerWoodScandalName.com starting at $1 million…” “Someone has posted TastelessHaitiEarthquakeName.com on eBay for $100,000…” The latest example is thanks to the iPad launch, courtesy of CNN Money/Fortune : The big money, it would seem, is in iPad domain names — Web addresses that will presumably generate a lot of traffic if the device takes off

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