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Media Battle Royal: In the Race to Influence Consumer Spending the Web Trails But is Gaining Ground

The Internet, TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines & Mobile are all competing in a race to wield the most influence on consumer purchasing decisions. The value of domain names will be heavily influenced by how this race turns out. A new study shows we are continuing to gain ground but we are not there yet.

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eNom Introduces RichContent

eNom has announced a new “ RichContent ” service that gives its resellers’ access to a library of over 4 million articles, blogs, and videos so they can engage their audiences through relevant material. Much like GoDaddy’s “Quick Content” service that was introduced in March of this year, eNom’s RichContent improves the company’s reseller program by making it easier for customers to develop their domains. “We are always striving to offer our customers ways to differentiate themselves and experience exponential growth

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