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DOMAINfest Changes NYC Show Format to Meetup, Nixes Las Vegas

New York show changed to a meetup and Las Vegas show canceled. Oversee.net has made some changes to its remaining DOMAINfest shows for 2011. First, the New York show planned for August will now be an evening meetup instead of a one day “Power Networking” day. The event will take place August 23 from 7-10 pm at the Mad46 Rooftop Lounge.

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DOMAINfest Brings Back “Dine with an Expert”

Opportunity to get domain name advice during DOMAINfest Barcelona. DOMAINfest is offering “Dine with an Expert” at next month’s conference in Barcelona. This program allows attendees to reserve a spot at the lunch table with a domain name expert during the conference

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DOMAINfest Barcelona: Wine Tasting, FC Barcelona, and More

Morning wine tasting, tapas classes, and backstage tour where FC Barcelona plays are on the agenda for DOMAINfest Barcelona. I made the mistake of bringing my wife to DOMAINfest Prague last year. Why was it a mistake? Because the second day of the conference was just fun networking events such as target shooting and go-carting. Now she thinks all domain conferences are like this and she cuts me less slack when I have to “go network at a domain conference”.

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Video from DOMAINfest Event at The Getty

Domainers dress up for The Getty. When you think of domainers at a party, the last thing you think of is viewing Rembrandts. But that’s exactly what they did at Wednesday night’s DOMAINfest party at The Getty in Los Angeles. Hundreds of domainers made the trip to The Getty, arriving by bus and then boarding trams for the trip to the top of the hill to enter The Getty. Inside, guests were treated to dinner and drinks, and access to many of the museum’s galleries.

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