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How Steve Jobs Got The AppStore.com Domain and Trademark For Free

I’m sure you’ve all heard about Steve Jobs resigning as CEO of Apple. Today, I read a post that stood out among the sea of farewells and Apple nostalgia. I really didn’t think I would be writing a post …

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160x Domain Flip at BrandBucket and One Hard Lesson Learned

Several years ago I hand-registered a number of pronounceable and brandable 5-letter domain names. Domains like these have already become a rarity in a fairly short time. I submitted one of my favorites, “Jabsy,”…

160x Domain Flip at BrandBucket and One Hard Lesson Learned DotSauce Magazine

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Rick Latona Domain Auction Broadcasting Live – Moniker Auction Tomorrow

The TRAFFIC , New York 2009 domain conference is underway and starting right now Rick Latona Auctions is broadcasting live on Domaining.com Domains being offered today include gems like Bananas.com , Bourbon.com , Database.com , Hookahs.com , Draw.com , Referrals.com and many more. To review all of the premium domains being auctioned today or participate in the auction you can visit the official auction page on Proxibid .

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“The $3 Million Bargain” Candy.com Ready To Launch

Just a little over a month ago, veteran domainer Rick Schwartz made the announcement that he had sold his premium domain name, Candy.com . Schwartz agreed to sell the domain for $3 million in a deal with the Melville Candy Corporation, founded by cousins Joe Melville (left in photo) and Greg Balestrieri .

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